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Clean Air Act essays

Clean Air Act essays Pollution in the United States is getting worse and worse by the day. Poor air quality is a serious issue and health risk in cities throughout the country. The main source of the pollution problem is our transportation. Cars produce roughly one half of the pollution in our cities, and about a quarter of the greenhouse gases. The internal combustion engine is the single largest source of air pollution in the United States. Toxic gases are emitted into the atmosphere as byproducts of the combustion process and also from evaporating gasoline. The main pollutants consist of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons, and particulates, each of which are harmful to the human body and contribute to global warming. Carbon monoxide is the largest pollutant emitted. It attaches to the hemoglobin in the blood and lowers the bloods oxygen-carrying capacity, which causes headaches, drowsiness and blurred vision, and is fatal with prolonged exposure. Hydrocarbons cause eye irritation, coughing, wheezing, shortage of breath and serious lung damage. Nitrogen oxide causes acid rain and taints the quality of our water. Pollution is obviously a very serious problem that is putting each of us risk, as well as damaging our environment. Unfortunately this is not something that can be solved any time soon, however we must make an effort to deal with it. Gasoline is not the only way to power an automobile. There is technology out on the market, along with much more still in development, that provides logical substitutes to our current automobile fuel. Several companies have started mass production of cars that are fueled by both electricity and gasoline, known as hybrids. These hybrids only use gasoline during acceleration and run off an electric battery the remainder of the time. This allows these cars to travel up to 70 miles on one gallon of gas and they are still able to move at speeds ne ...

Neutralisation reaction essays

Neutralisation reaction essays In this coursework I aim to investigate whether changing the concentration of Hydrochloric acid and Distilled water will affect the reaction time in which it takes to dissolve an amount of magnesium strips. The experiment we have conducted as part of our GCSE Coursework is a neutralisation reaction. Before starting the investigation, I decided to do some research about magnesium and Hydrochloric acid. Magnesium is a light, shiny grey metallic element and its symbol in the periodic table is Mg. Magnesium is quite reactive when exposed to acid, and burns vigorously with a bright white light in air. Hydrochloric acid, HCl, is a solution of Hydrogen Chloride (a colourless gas) in water. The acid is a typical strong, monobasic acid forming only one series of salts, the chlorides. Like most acids it give of Hydrogen ions when it is added to water and certain metals. Below is a simple word equation to show how the reaction between Magnesium and Hydrochloric acid occurs. Before looking at all the factors that can alter the rate of the reaction, we must consider what happens when the reaction takes place. First of all, the particles of the reacting substance must collide with each other and, secondly, they need a certain amount of energy to break down the bonds of the particles to form new ones. If the collision between particles can produce sufficient energy (i.e. if they collide fast enough and in the right direction) a reaction will take place. The reaction however can be speeded up if the number of collisions is increased. ...

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Business economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Business economy - Essay Example ..............4 Nature and processes of business decision making..................................................4 London Olympics illustrating the application of business decision making..................5 Theme one- The way we do business.........................................................................5 Theme two- Individual responsibility........................................................................5 Theme three- Recruitment, development and transition...........................................6 Theme four- Involvement and Engagement..............................................................6 Theme five- Catalyst for Legacy...............................................................................6 Theme 3: Recruitment........................................................................................................7 Theme 4: Sustainability.....................................................................................................10 Theme 5: Procurement......................................................................................................11 Conclusion..........................................................................................................................14 References..........................................................................................................................15 Introduction Business is getting all the more complex, uncertain and globalized. The mantra for success today is planned activities and selection of best option amongst alternatives presented. This task is undertaken and simplified by management practice termed as decision making. Decision making is resorted to by managers in all situations where they get stuck as to which course of action to choose from. This paper addresses the significance of decision making and highlights its importance in the context of London Olympics. Being the mega event of the year 2012, London Olympics presents plethora of cir cumstances and opportunities to base decision upon. This is the point where managers need to use their intuition, intellect and knowledge to arrive at the most reliable, valid and fruitful decision. Various processes and techniques covered under decision making are elaborated upon by making use of three strategic decisions- recruitment, procurement and sustainable operations. Decision making process applied in each of these and subsequent benefits and limitations of each decision are also highlighted to identify any gaps and recommend solutions for them. Snap shot of business decision making Decision making in layman terms refer to selecting a course of action which is the most suitable and is capable of delivering the desired results, from a list of available alternatives. In business scenarios, managers are presented with plethora of situations where they are supposed to take rational and valid decisions. These may be taken purely on the basis of intuition or prior experience, but such dimensions for decision making can neither be transferred nor can ensure the achievement of desired results. Hence, decisions in business parlance are ought to be taken by carefully analyzing the situation, the pros and cons of each alternative and prioritizing the factors which favour the acceptance or rejection of a particular alternative. Especially in businesses, every alterative has to be contrasted against factors like cost effectiveness, strategic disposition, value addition, responsiveness, et cetera and then zeroing in on one of the alternatives which

Low cost carriers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Low cost carriers - Essay Example In this paper, an article published in the air transport management journal discussing the airport choice factors considered by low cost airlines in Europe will be evaluated while relating the relevance of the practice to tourism and hospitality. The passenger attitude determines the success level and indices of any project introduced into the market and thus the success of such a project in the end. An article published in the same journal on a case study conducted to evaluate the perception of passengers on low cost airlines and full service carriers will be evaluated. Articles on low cost carriers According to Smith and Potter (2005), the success of the low cost carriers, an increasingly significant means of transport in Europe, is influenced by the choice of the airport. This determines the success or failure of the airline with the increasing competition in the airline industry put into consideration. The authors thus conducted a survey of eight European airports to ascertain th e influence they have on the success of the different low cost carriers that uses its runways. The significant growth in the number of low cost carriers in Europe who are known to use regional or secondary airports has increased the competition among different airports that agitate to secure their services. This competition has been exploited by the low cost airlines to demand for reduced service cost thus enabling them to reduce their services tremendously and fit the budget of majority consumers. With the increasing competition for the low cost airlines by regional airport, most of these carriers have been enabled to put a number of factors into consideration when choosing the best airport to use. A number of factors are shown in this paper to influence the choices made these airline carriers when choosing the airport of choice. Ryanair, one of the main low cost airline companies in Europe has a number of considerations that it makes when choosing the airport of choice. These fact ors include the airport charges that each airport levies, the ability of the carriers and the planes to make a quick turnaround, presence of simple terminals and rapid check-in facilities. The availability of good passenger facilities and accessibility influences the attitude of the passengers when the airline company thus considers choosing the best airline and it. According to this evaluation, Smith and Potter (2005) generated from their study the impact that an airport catchment area has on the choices made by the airline companies. Regional or local airports that are located in areas where the demand for low cost carriers is high is considered highly by low cost airlines as this translates to increased passengers available to use the airlines. The services offered by low cost airlines fall under a specific niche and thus making low cost airlines sensitive to airports with the potential demand for their specific niche of services. Slot times for takeoff affects operation of an ai rline especially the low cost airline thus making it an important consideration for LCCs when choosing their airport of choice. Airports with convenient takeoffs, landing and turnaround schedules attract the services of most low cost airlines in Europe as compared to other airports that do not. Such slots must also be readily available during the day for the planes to enable the LCCs maximize fleet utilization. The fees charged by the

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Why Women Always Take Advantage of Men Writing Mini Essay

Why Women Always Take Advantage of Men Writing Mini EssayWhy women always take advantage of men writing mini-essays? For the most part, men are drawn to women because they are the only ones who can provide emotional support and validation in a situation that would otherwise be emotionally daunting for them. So, why is it that women always take advantage of men writing mini-essays?Most women, regardless of how beautiful or attractive they may be, know what it is like to have to worry about keeping their own sanity and self-respect. After all, women are the only ones who will be responsible for taking care of the children in the event of the woman's death. All women know what it is like to be the center of attention. Women are the ones who know the value of love and how to keep it alive while simultaneously honoring the commitments they make to their spouses and children.Men tend to keep their emotions at a bare minimum, sometimes to the point where it becomes almost impossible for the m to get through life without the slightest hint of emotion. This means that women are usually the ones who can fill the void in men's lives.Yet, men tend to think that women are somehow 'insecure' and don't know how to handle this balance. This results in them never trying to get their own emotions out in the open and instead putting it in the hands of another, even though they know how much it can hurt them. For the most part, men don't have a clue about how to handle this whole process.Of course, one of the worst things for any man to go through is seeing his girl's girlfriend or wife of ten years asking him to write a book, no matter how good it is or how long it will take. And for many men, it is an event that they simply cannot handle. So, why is it that women always take advantage of men writing mini-essays?You see, some women realize that men like to have a little bit of fun, some women realize that men like to have their feelings let out, and some women realize that men lik e to be validated by other people. It is no secret that when a man does something that he considers to be very difficult or risky, it usually creates a reaction in him that leads to him being extremely jealous and volatile. This is just one of the many reasons why women always take advantage of men writing mini essays. Whether it is a guy who wants to make a change, or a guy who is embarrassed about something and wants someone to validate that he is a good person, these women can give men permission to release their emotions for once and be completely happy again.Finally, in case you didn't know already, women can control whether or not a man will write the book, and not only does that mean that women control whether or not a man can have his own emotions let out, but women also control whether or not he is a good man and not only do they control whether or not he will write the book, but they also control whether or not he will do well in the job. Why women always take advantage of men writing mini-essays?

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Essay Writing And Their Improved Synonyms

Essay Writing And Their Improved SynonymsMost used words in essay writing and their improved synonyms has been an issue in research for years. As it seems to be an issue, we finally have an answer and it is simple. All we need to do is to convert the ordinary words into some special words and the whole problem is solved. This article gives you the two most used words in essay writing and their improved synonyms that could help you write an essay quickly and accurately.Many students nowadays have realized that vocabulary is important in every degree of study. Not only the writer but the reader needs to be able to process the information correctly. As the professor in college said, the written word is indeed the greatest weapon of the intellectual war.The choice of words has great importance in making a good thesis or paper. Worded in a good way, the thesis may be analyzed more effectively. The most used words in essay writing and their improved synonyms are not very difficult to solve . The problem is deciding which ones to use.First of all you should be careful about the choice of words to use. When you are in doubt, you can always ask your instructor. In the professor, it is suggested that you should make a list of all the important words you will be using in your essay. Many students would be tempted to search the internet for the best used words in essay writing and their improved synonyms. You can probably find all the words you will be using with little effort. The list could be as long as dozens of pages.When you choose the list, make sure you have a good degree of integrity. Don't assume that the dictionary will provide the perfect set of synonyms. If you have the sense and courage to choose the synonyms, then don't be afraid to go to the dictionary.Next, you should make a list of all the words you will be using in your essay. Many students have some lucky that they have found out the unique words that could be used in their essay. However, if you think y ou have already made the best choice, there is still some work that you need to do.You should always choose the most used words in essay writing and their improved synonyms. Remember, if you don't know the right word or you find a synonym that is not exactly the same, you may not be able to use it properly. Try to use the words in a very simple way and never overuse them.

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Finding the Best Expository Essay Topics on Sports

Finding the Best Expository Essay Topics on Sports There are many details of the topic that could use attention. In the area of psychology, there's a behavioral argument around nature vs. nurture. The topic will be simple to write about because there's a whole lot of information about the subject. You could take a look at the topic from a professional standpoint. Expository Essay Topics on Sports and Expository Essay Topics on Sports - The Perfect Combination An expository essay is a part of academic writing aimed to supply explanations of various things. Usually, the essays are categorized into four different types. Persuasive essay is also called the argument essay. Writing an expository essay is just like writing any normal 5-paragrah essay. Your writing has to be brief and concise. You cannot begin writing an essay without a sharp clue about what things to write. Selecting the proper topic is essential for writing an expository essay, since it can influence your writing. You also need to attempt to keep the writing style simple so that it doesn't appear over-laden. Expository Essay Topics on Sports Secrets Get ready to apply sequential, spatial, topical, and several other patterns to create your story interesting and detailed. 24 superb topics to compose informative write-ups on sports have to be understandable. The subsequent 10 writing prompts can help you consider the sport from other perspectives and lead you to a great topic. You may also bring the facet of globalization into play over here. The perfect way to improve writing skills is by way of regular practice. If you wish to deal with some more elaborate issues that don't discuss advantages of sports but instead concentrate on debated topics instead, think about using one of the subsequent sports topics to write about modern-day problems. The social issues linked to sports ought to be the obligation of the sports management and not players. Lies You've Been Told About Expository Essay Topics on Sports To make certain your paper stands out, you should opt for an experience that's unique. Many times students choose a tough topic for which they should conduct a good deal of research which however makes essay writing difficult. Writing an expository essay can be an intimidating challenge to some individuals, but this is something you will have to do throughout the majority of your academic learning years. Writing your essay by yourself isn't alway s possible due to many constraints like time crunch, an emergency, etc.. Every day you'll be able to learn some new truth about science developments. Starting off with a considerable occurrence, discovery, or study will supply you with more points in factual research also. The problem of athletic fitness ought to be dealt which much more strictness. Therefore, if you prefer to have nontrivial expository essay topic that necessitates thorough research, choose something which refers to a technological region of study. Top Choices of Expository Essay Topics on Sports In spite of the fact that it is possible to write nearly any sort of essay for virtually any topic, your professor may require a particular approach. Therefore, the author is attempting to create the information clearer. The absolute most difficult and important part of essay writing is choosing the ideal topic'. Therefore, the expository essay is an academic paper that's intended to explain something, to convey a particular message. As you become more info about the story you might receive a few ideas for a prospective essay topic you would like to explore in more detail later. If you are searching for topics to help you get started considering your essay, then you've come to the proper location. The Awful Side of Expository Essay Topics on Sports Repeat the procedure till you're content with the grade of your essay. Citations and extracts from several sources have to be formatted properly. You should make sure that sources which you use are reliable. Also, you can look for sample expository essay topics so you will be aware of what to research and that which you will deal with. Make certain that you own a thesis statement and topic sentences for every single paragraph. The part which follows in the paragraph is regarding the analysis of the info presented. Every paragraph must cover one particular topic in making the circulation of the essay smooth. It is going to be advisable to throw in a paragraph on the risks of smoking marijuana.