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15 Feb 97 dayz Essay Example For Students

15 Feb 97 dayz: Essay Todays Lesson:Hooked on Ebonics: 15 Feb 97 dayz:Todays Lesson:Hooked on Ebonics:Leroy is a 20 year old 9th grader. This be Leroys homework assignment. He must use each vocabulary word in a sentence. Foreclose:If I pay alimony this month, Ill have no money foreclose. Rectum:I once had two cadillacs, but my ol lady rectum. Hotel:I gave my girlfriend the crabs and the hotel everyone. Disappointment:My parole officer tol me if I miss disappointment, they gonna send me back to the big house. Penis:I went to da doctor and he handed me a cup and said penis. Israel:Alonso tried to sell me a Rolex. I said, man that looks fake. He said bullshit that watch Israel. Catacomb:Don King was at the fight the other night, man somebody oughta give dat catacomb. Undermine:There is a fine lookin hoe living in the apartment undermine. Acoustic:When I was liddle, my uncle bought me acoustic and took me to da pool hall. Iraq:When I got to da pool hall, I tol my uncle Iraq, you break. Stain:My mother-in-law stopped by and I axed her Do you plan on stain for dinnerSeldom:My cousin gave me two tickets to the Nicks game, so I seldom. Honor:At the rape trial, the Judge axed my buddy who be honor first. Odyssey:I tol my brother, you odyssey the tits on that hoe. Axe:The policeman wanted to axe me some questions. Tripoli:I was gonna buy my ol lady a bra for her birthday, but I couldnt find a Tripoli. Fortify:I asked the hoe how much? She said fortifyIncome:I just got in bed with da hoe and income my wife. Leroy is a 20 year old 9th grader. This be Leroys homework assignment. He must use each vocabulary word in a sentence. Foreclose:If I pay alimony this month, Ill have no money foreclose. Rectum:I once had two cadillacs, but my ol lady rectum. Hotel:I gave my girlfriend the crabs and the hotel everyone. Disappointment:My parole officer tol me if I miss disappointment, they gonna send me back to the big house. Penis:I went to da doctor and he handed me a cup and said penis. Israel:Alonso tried to sell me a Rolex. I said, man that looks fake. He said bullshit that watch Israel. Catacomb:Don King was at the fight the other night, man somebody oughta give dat catacomb. Undermine:There is a fine lookin hoe living in the apartment undermine. Acoustic:When I was liddle, my uncle bought me acoustic and took me to da pool hall. Iraq:When I got to da pool hall, I tol my uncle Iraq, you break. Stain:My mother-in-law stopped by and I axed her Do you plan on stain for dinnerSeldom:My cousin gave me two tickets to the Nicks game, so I seldom. Honor:At the rape trial, the Judge axed my buddy who be honor first. Odyssey:I tol my brother, you odyssey the tits on that hoe. Axe:The policeman wanted to axe me some questions. Tripoli:I was gonna buy my ol lady a bra for her birthday, but I couldnt find a Tripoli. Fortify:I asked the hoe how much? She said fortifyIncome:I just got in bed with da hoe and income my wife.

Case Study of Robert Farquhanson-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Case Study of Robert Farquhanson. Answer: The case is based on a particular chapter of the criminal law. Homicide is a reflection of criminal mentality that causes death of another. The nature of the offence is depending on the perspective of death (Ellis McGovern, 2016). There are certain elements of the criminal act. However, one of them attracts the provision of this case. The element is if any person held liable for the death of another by way of accident where there is an intention exists, that will be under the provision of the homicide act (Finlay Kirchengast, 2015). These types of offences are cognizance in nature. They are directly harming the society. In the case of Robert Farquharson, a similar kind of story has been depicted that rock the Australian society as well as the legislation of Australia. it is a story of a father who was alleged to kill his three sons brutally and got punished by the Federal Court of Australia. The murder was took place in the year 2005 just after the celebration of Fathers Day. The m ost shocking part of the case was that he loved his children and had celebrated the ceremony actively. However, still there is a question exists whether Robert is the actual murderer or not (Amato, 2017). The case of Robert Farquharson had opened a new era in the area of homicide. There are certain essentials regarding the case that can be categorised as follows: The matter of the said case is quite entangled in nature. There are certain evidences that were went against Robert. There are some evidences, on the other hand that were supported the activity or testimony of Robert and made a confusion regarding the same. the first problem is there is no direct evidence in this case (Horan Goodman-Delahunty, 2014). All the evidences are based on the testimonies of the accused and the witnesses. Even, there is no eyewitness here. The prime witness in this case was Greg King. During the cross examination, he told to the court that he heard from Robert by saying to made his wife suffer. The relevant fact regarding this matter was that Robert and his wife resided separately. It was also stated that Robert was liable for the separation to some extent. There are certain others witnesses who also delivered their contentions against Robert (Joseph, 2016). The children were killed by a fatal accident that was met by Robert while returning to home. The car was rammed a fence and fell in a gutter and the car was sink. The children did not found the way to free exit and succumbed to death. The suspicion raised when Robert somehow made it possible to remain himself out of the car (Taylor, 2015). When the police interrogated him, he told that he has suffering from special kinds of bronchiole disease and he got senseless for certain moment. However, there was a question cropped up regarding the issue that how he managed to free himself from the car belt and how he freed himself during the unconscious condition. Certain evidences are found when the police examined the car. There was no mark that can prove the fact that his car was rammed with the fence. Another point was that the speed limit of the car was not that fast. During that speed, how a car can be rammed with the fence was cropped up. There were no direct evidence regarding the fact that whether Robert had any hidden revenge for her wife or not (Kenny, 2013). There were certain persons who testified the fact that Robert was somehow disturbed for the separation. It was also contended by his wife Cindy Gambino that Robert wanted to get back her again in his life and remained disturbed for the fact. However, there was no hints in the statement of his wife regarding the killing mentality of Robert. Even when the Court delivered its judgment against Robert, she did not believe the fact that Robert can kill his sons, as he was a loving father. The decision made the whole nation silent and protestation made for Robert. Many persons took the decision of the court negatively. There were certain reasons behind the fact that Robert is innocent (Kleinhauz, Horowitz Tobin, 2013). Certain flaws are made in the process of investigation. The testimonies of Greg King were not at all trustworthy as he gave different testimony before the court and before the police. There were certain loopholes arise in this case. The investigation process also hold certain laxity. The decisions of the court were ex parte in nature. There were certain facts that proved that the police tried to make Robert responsible for the murder and passed their buck in this way. Police officers were showed certain carelessness regarding the examination of the car of the accused. There were no proper investigation had been made and the road was not even been examined by the forensic team in an appropriate manner (Little, 2015). As per the investigation officer, Robert was intentionally met the accident and put the car in the gutter and the consequence was detrimental in nature. Though he failed to establish any evidence regarding the same. As per one of the traffic analyst and witness of the case David Axup told that when a car speeding up to a limit of 60 kph, there is a possibility for the car to be turned turtle at any moment. Therefore, the testimony of Davis backed the confession made by Robert regarding the accident. The police had made serious flaws that they had believed the testimony of Greg King and the fate of Robert was depended on the facts stated by Greg. The problem regarding the testimony was that Greg had made different views in different times (Ojo, Ozoh, 2016). Therefore, it was not right to convict Robert on the basis of the statements of Greg. He stated during the investigation that he heard Robert to make her wife suffer for the separation and killing the sons can be the outcome of that mentality. Before the court, Greg stated that Robert was disturbed for the separation and was depressed for the facts and it is strange to kill the children, as he loved them a lot. Therefore, the two opinion of Greg were not same. However, unfortunately the court had failed to consider the same. It was stated by the police that there was no existence regarding the disease that are stated by Robert. The bronchiole problem was rare in nature and there were no evidence that the disease can be cured in the provinces of that state. However, it was stated by Dr. Bartley that Robert is suffering from certain coughing disorder and that disease can be categorised as cough syncope. Cough syncope is one of the rarest syndrome of cough and there is a possibility that the victim of this disease can be become senseless at any moment. Therefore, it can be stated that the Roberts confession can be right. There was another Doctor who had given different opinion by stating that he had not even heard about the syndrome. Shocking matter happened when the Court had given much priority to the opinion of Dr. Naughton than Dr. Bartley. There were certain other witnesses who were examined by the Court authority regarding the case matter but the opinion stated by them held of less importance. Flaws took place regarding the witnesses of the case. According to Michael Hart, one of the friends of Robert that the police or even the court at any point of time did not examined him. He also contended that the mentality of the police proved that they did not want to know the facts of the case. In an interview, Michael told that Robert told his statements to him and not to Greg. Thus, it is total negative to deliver judgment against Robert based on the statements of Greg. According to Kerri Huntington, the police personnel wanted to make the total accident scene into a murder scene and they had taken the facts into their mind that Robert is the killer and did not even throw light on the other subjects. Another sister of Robert stated that Robert had an ocular problem from his childhood and he had to face serious problem, as he could not see anything in the dark. Money was the main reason behind the separation from his wife and he loved her very much. He was unable to satisfy his wife due to money problem and getting depressed for that. A family friend of Robert stated that Robert loved his wife and children a lot and it is impossible for him to even scratch his children. There was unconditional love in his heart for them. The police after the accident Robert did not call the ambulance stated it. Rather he called his wife and narrated the whole incident to her. Police found his criminal mentality regarding the same and as per their view, it is his intention not to call the ambulance. However, the facts was denied by one psychologist. It is common for a father to accept the accident of his children in front of him that happened all of a sudden. In such an incident, they always wanted to share with his spouse in lieu of informing the local ambulance service. The Australian media had played certain role in the case. Many news channels were conducted interview where they had asked questions to the family members and friends of Robert regarding the issue. Some news analysts were written blogs to support Robert and they were making certain reports in favour of him. Cindy Gambino, wife of Robert had also contended the fact that Robert cannot do such heinous crime and she was strongly opposed the verdict of the court. Therefore, from the above named facts, it can be stated that the decision of the court was based on certain wrong facts and the jury had failed to consider all the different aspects of the case. The testimonies of the witnesses were quite defective and the court had failed to record the statements of the friends and family of Robert Farquhanson. The statements of the doctor, who examined Robert, had also not taken. Police had concocted different stories to hold him liable for the facts of the case and did not investigate the matter properly. Therefore, it can be stated that the homicidal nature of the case is still in doubt and punishment of Robert is not appropriate References: Amato, D. (2017). What Happens if Autopsy Reports are Found Testimonial?: The Next Steps to Ensure the Admissibility of These Critical Documents in Criminal Trials. J. Crim. L. Criminology, 107, 293-293. Ellis, J., McGovern, A. (2016). The end of symbiosis? Australia policemedia relations in the digital age. Policing and Society, 26(8), 944-962. Finlay, L., Kirchengast, T. (2015). Criminal law in Australia. LexisNexis Butterworths. Horan, J., Goodman-Delahunty, J. (2014). Challenging the peremptory challenge system in Australia. Joseph, G. P. (2016). Modern visual evidence. Law Journal Press. Joseph, S. (2016). Australian Literary Journalism and Missing Voices How Helen Garner finally resolves this recurring ethical tension. Journalism Practice, 10(6), 730-743. Kenny, A. (2013). Intention and Side Effects: the Mens Rea for Murder. Reason, Morality, and Law: The Philosophy of John Finnis, 109. Kleinhauz, M., Horowitz, I., Tobin, Y. (2013). The use of hypnosis in police investigation: A preliminary communication. Journal of the Forensic Science Society, 17(2-3), 77-80. Little, J. (2015). Family violence happens to everybody: gender, mental health and violence in Australian media representations of filicide 20102014. Continuum, 29(4), 605-616. Little, J. (2015). Family violence happens to everybody: gender, mental health and violence in Australian media representations of filicide 20102014.Continuum,29(4), 605-616. Milroy, C. M., Ranson, D. L. (2014). Homicide trends in the state of Victoria, Australia. The American journal of forensic medicine and pathology, 18(3), 285-289. Ojo, O. T., Ozoh, O. (2016). Cough Syncope, An Unusual Presentation Of Asthma In Adults. InB45. OBSTRUCTIVE LUNG DISEASE: INTERESTING CASES(pp. A3587-A3587). American Thoracic Society. Ramirez, R., Lasam, G. (2017). Cough induced syncope: A hint to cardiac tamponade diagnosis. World journal of cardiology, 9(5), 466. Taylor, N. (2015). This House of Grief: The Story of a Murder Trial. Antipodes, 29(2), 498

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Jocelyn (Susan) Bell Burnell Essays - Radio Astronomy, Star Types

Jocelyn (Susan) Bell Burnell Jocelyn (Susan)Bell Burnell An important woman in the contribution of science is Jocelyn Bell Burnell. She is a British astronomer that discovered pulsars, which is a tiny, very dense, rapidly rotating neutron star that appear to emit radiation in pulses. Jocelyn was born in 1943 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She was raised near the Armagh Observatory, which obviously impacted her life She graduated from Glasgow University in 1965 with a B.S. degree in Physics, and in 1968 she received a Ph.D. in radio astronomy from the University of Cambridge in 1968. Jocelyn began her studies by conducting experiments of gamma-ray astronomy at the University of Southampton. From 1974 through 1982, Jocelyn worked in X-ray astronomy at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory at the University College in London. In 1982 she became a senior research fellow at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, Scotland, working with the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in Hawaii and also did astrophysical research in the optical and infrared parts of the electromagnetic spectrum until 1991. Her discovery came from the initial research at Cambridge, where she built a radio telescope to track quasars, which are starlike objects that have a large red shift, emit powerful blue light, and can often emit radio waves. Then in 1967, while using the radio telescope, there was an unexpected discovery, which she shared among with Antony Hewish and other colleagues. Jocelyn noticed that there was a source of regular, intense pulses of radio waves that emitted a burst every 1.337 seconds. At first, there was an attempted explanation that this phenomenon might be a beacon from alien sources, so they initially named the pulsing source LGM or Little Green Men. After a few months, however, the astronomer had discovered a number of other sources in distant space and deduced from their far away locations and other characteristics, that these pulses must be occurring naturally. Then Jocelyn and her colleagues realized that these pulse patterns came from a special type of star that they naturally termed a pulsar. Her discovery has made a huge impact in the science world. Astronomers have now discovered over 400 pulsars, but only the Crab Pulsar and the Vela pulsar, can emit visibly detectable pulses. These pulsars are distinguished from other types of celestial radio sources by their emissions. Instead of remaining constant over a period of years or longer , these pulsar emissions consist of brier pulses of regularity. The pulses can last from a period of a few milliseconds to as long as several seconds. Pulsars are also powerful electric generators, that are capable of accelerating charged particles to energies of a trillion volts. On account of Bell Burnells discovery of the pulsars , astronomers have been able to lead further investigations of pulsars. Also , they are able to have a better understanding of the Milky Way Galaxy. Biographies

Polar Bears free essay sample

Polar bears are so big that they can look elephants in the eye standing up. Being the largest bears on earth they can survive extremely cold weather and freezing cold water. They live in the countries/state of Alaska, Canada, Denmark, Norway, and the Arctic. Polar bears nicknames are the sea bears, since they are very good swimmers. Polar bears do many things that are cool and are very smart (Even the largest bears can be smart). Male polar bears stand 10ft tall and weigh a colossal 1400 pounds. The females are 7ft tall and weigh around 650 pounds; even though the females are only half the size of the males they are still just as dangerous. Their age limit is about 25 years old which is pretty old for a polar bear, but not for us though. What they eat the most though is seals which is a lot for polar bears, which will enable them to go a few days without food. We will write a custom essay sample on Polar Bears or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page They have a couple of simple ways to hunt seals, which are waiting by breath holes for them to pop up, chasing them in the water, or stalking them while they rest on land. Polar bears are extremely large and must have large appetites if they can eat a full grown seal. The cubs are an essential part of the polar bears future for repopulating, and they are like us human kids. The world depends upon us like polar bears depend on their cubs. The females are able to give birth around the age of 4 or 5 years old, which would be way to young for us. The females when they are pregnant with their cubs gain a couple hundred pounds, so they get pretty heavy. The females can have either 1 or 2 cubs, but it’s mostly 2 for all of the females, but on some very rare occasions they have 3 cubs. When the cubs are born they are about the size of a rat and weigh barely over a pound which is small for a 10ft tall giant. If they are fed well enough they can be the size of a full grown man around the age of 1, which is a lot of meat to eat. Cubs love wrestling with each other and their mom, so when ever they get the chance to wrestle they go at it. Even some of the older adults will wrestler every now and then with each other. So polar bears know how to have fun no matter how old they are. Polar bears have one and only one predator which would be humans. We hunted them almost to the brink of extinction, we are constantly influencing global warming, and polluting the air so bad, if we could see it the earth would be all foggy. Hunting has been banned in several countries (thankfully) where the polar bears live. With this in affect they haven’t been affected as badly as before by it, when thousands were killed by us. Global warming right now is just completely messing up their environment because it is melting all the ice. With the ice caps melting some have to swim and that means some can’t stay afloat long enough and drown. Others are being driven into towns and get shot because they get to close to the homes. Pollution though is the major one because it is contaminating the ocean fish which the seals eat. When the polar bears eat the seals the poison in them causes them to get sick and die. All three of these are slowing down the polar bears from repopu lating at a faster rate. You can help by carpooling and driving less often, so help save the majestic polar bear.

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Adeline Yen Mah Essay Example

Adeline Yen Mah Essay Example Adeline Yen Mah Paper Adeline Yen Mah Paper Some readers might say Adeline had presented a picture of childhood which was consistently unhappy? Do you agree? Chinese Cinderella is about a young girl battling through life and many misfortunes to finally get a good future, which she gets through sheer perseverance. I believe that Adeline Yen Mah does have a terrible childhood which consists of mainly sorrowful situations; but her being an optimistic child; she is able to transform little actions into something she can find pleasure from. Therefore in this essay I will discuss how I disagree with the statement Some readers might say Adeline had presented a picture of childhood which was consistently unhappy, as I believe that however rarely it took place there were a few happy situations. I will also try to discuss the idea of how each of these happy situations are transformed each time into depressing situations. The story begins with an enthusiastic child, overjoyed by the recent events where she was awarded a prize at school. She is then delighted about the fact that her dearly loved Aunt Baba would keep her certificate in the same box in which she kept her truly, valuable, possessions, as if her award were also some precious jewel impossible to replace. Therefore I believe she did have moments of true happiness but they were short-lived as these emotions are soon distorted by the adversity she received through her family. For example we are then informed of the sad matter of how no one goes and visits her at school when she receives theses prizes. In this same scene we find out how Adelines own sister blamed her, a four year old child, for the death of their mother. If you had not been born Mama would still be alive. I feel that this show the true extent of how horrible her family were to her and how lonely she may have felt throughout life. Soon after, because of the Japanese invasion, Adeline moves with her family to Shanghai, where she is enrolled into another school. She was excited yet nervous. But again her emotions are quickly transformed into the feeling of resent as she realises that no one had made plans on how she was to travel to and from school. After getting lost she phones home and realises no one had missed her. This again shows how her happiness is always short-lived. Rules basically form our lives. The rules that Adeline has to live with are truly unpleasant and her life is very restricted. She is not given any pocket money, tram fare, or new clothes. This shows her life in general was not a chain of happy events and did consist of misery. An important event to consider was when we are told that the children had been looking forward to Chinese new year for weeks and their new outfits. Again, this however small it may be his is obviously something that Adeline found pleasure in, or it would have been if she didnt get a basic, brown smock mode of material left over from one of big sisters garments. This shows she is not considered nearly as important as Niangs biological children, who get beautiful new clothes in all occasions. All throughout the story it is very clear to see there is a very apparent division between Niangs children and Adelines brothers and sister. Niang and her biological children live on the first floor, unlike Adeline and brothers and sisters who are to live on the second floor. Adeline and the others are not allowed to step foot on the first floor yet Niang can enter their rooms at any time to inspect it. This is Niangs way of showing authority in the family as they now live under her roof, and therefore her rules. Even though Adeline and her siblings were treated poorly by their parents, in chapter 9 her and her siblings unite together to organise themselves against Niang, even though the plan does not go ahead, the actuality that she is finally part of a family or a group obviously means a lot to her, yet this diminutive bit of happiness which she holds onto is taken by her own brothers who play a revolting prank on her where they trick her into drinking their urine. This scene tells us that, all that Adeline really wants is to be accepted, she wants to be part of something, and not have to be alone. I hope I have been able to show you clearly how it is that Adeline does have moments of happiness however small they may be but the point I am trying to make is that they are short lived and soon turn into a miserable situations. Each happy memory so far clearly turns into a heartbreaking, demoralizing situation. Another memory which is hastily transformed into a depressing remembrance is when Adeline was given a pet duckling known better as P. L. T.

Roman Architecture Essays - Religious Architecture, Free Essays

Roman Architecture Essays - Religious Architecture, Free Essays Roman Architecture The architectural style of Rome was firmly rooted in the Hellenistic traditions. However, Roman architecture is probably more accurately reflected in the development of new engineering skills and secular monuments than the ideas of gods and perfection that birthed the Greek architecture. They introduced not only new ways to construct a more efficient building but also a entirely different purpose for the building to be built. While still holding the beauty that was so masterfully achieved by the Greek culture and adding their own practically and ingenuity, the Romans developed an architectural style that remains to this day. The Greeks people had a very good reason, in their minds, to build a beautiful piece of architecture; the worship of gods. Most all of the examples of Greek architecture that we know of today were temples. The gods were the driving force behind any major architecture of the Hellenistic period. This is not true of the Roman culture. Though the Romans did build temples to their gods, the Roman style was more predominantly seen in public dwellings and social gathering areas, such as basilicas and forums, than in their temples. In fact, a majority of the temples that the Romans built were nothing more than copies of Greek temples, with the exception of the domed Pantheon that will be discussed later. Also, the Romans included their emperors in the temples along with the gods and sometimes the temple was just for the emperor himself. Another major difference between Greek and Roman architecture was the purpose behind the building. Greek architecture was meant to be viewed as a piece of art work that was dedicated to the gods. This is easy to see from the ornateness of the outside of the building with the pediments and metopes and the rather drabness of the inside with the exception of the friezes. The Greek designed it as a sculpture in a sense, with all of the beauty to be viewed from the outside. This way of thinking is turned completely around in the Roman architectural style. Although the Roman building are beautiful on the outside, the true art lies on the inside with the many-colored walls and paintings that gave a sense of depth to the room. Also, the Roman architect was concerned with the lighting of the room so that the interior decorations could be seen clearly. These things were important to the Romans because their buildings were meant to be gathering places for the public. The basilica was one such of these types of buildings that was intended to be a gathering place for Romans citizens to hold meeting and perhaps even courts. Bathhouses and market places know as forums are yet other examples of the types of building that the Romans focused on making pleasing to the eye on the inside rather than the outside. Not only did the Romans differ on why to build a building but they also made drastic differences on how to build it. The Greeks used what is know as a post and lintel system of designing a building. This is basically the idea of standing to columns up and placing a beam across them. A very simple and easy construction but on the other hand not a very strong one. As the Roman civilization grew larger and larger the buildings they used for meetings and markets of course had to grow too. This presented a problem with the use of columns, because the big the building, the more columns needed to hold it up. Thus the Romans turned to engineering for the solution and the arch was born. By using arches instead of columns and beams, the weight of the structure was spread evenly out and toward the ground rather than directly down on the beam. This increased the amount of weight that could be supported in a single area and thus giving more room on the inside by taking away previously necessary columns, though they did keep some around for decoration. This invention of course changed the mindset on the construction of regular building that would have relied of columns, but it also was a stepping stone to another invention. The dome is nothing more than a network of arches that form an enclosed building. This is the theory that created the Pantheon, a circular dome that was the temple to the gods. It is one of the first of its kind and has stood for thousands of years while other building designed

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Human Trafficking in India Essay Example

Human Trafficking in India Essay Example Human Trafficking in India Essay Human Trafficking in India Essay India is the second most populous country in the world. Owing to this fact and because of the tremendously high poverty rate in the country; India also leads the world in human trafficking. In the country, around 100 million children are working in homes and factories across India and many of them are in situations that would be likened to slavery. Moreover, for the year 2000 alone, it was estimated that 12.07 percent or 13,157,000 of the 10 to 14 age group are economically active. This consists of 5,992,000 girls and 7,165,000 boys. Additionally, according to the National Labour Institute, 12.6 million children out of the 203 million children from ages of 5 to 14 in India are employed full-time. One hundred sixteen million are in school while another 87 million are â€Å"do housework, work on family farms, work alongside their parents as paid agricultural labourers, work as domestic servants, or are otherwise employed†. The status of the other 74 million is unknown (Global Ma rch Against Child Labour, n.d.) and it is that they are victims of child trafficking. According to Human Rights Watch, a total 40 million people in India are into bonded labour meaning they are working for someone until they pay off a debt. Off this 40 million people, 15 million are children. In some cases, the bondage is even passed from one generation to another if the debt if still unpaid upon the death of the initial person bonded. Other reports indicate that more or less 50,000 children are trafficked into India for prostitution. In Mumbai, estimations indicate that around 90 percent of sex workers started off when they were still under 18 years of age. NGOs also state that 6,000 to 10,000 girls are being trafficked into India from Nepal annually. The same number is determined for girls being trafficked from Bangladesh (Global March Against Child Labour, n.d.). The International Labour Organization approximates that 15 percent of the prostitutes in India are children. With 2.3 million prostitutes, this makes for 345,000 child prostitutes. On the other hand, no concrete data is available for the number of children that have been trafficked to be used for crime (Global March Against Child Labour, n.d.). India is a prime destination for sex trade along with Thailand and the Philippines. These three countries comprise for a total 1.3 million child sex workers. India is also the main destination for children aged below 16 who are trafficked in Southeast Asia along with Pakistan (Hughes, Sprocic, Mendelsohn Chirgwin, n.d.). The prostitution in the country is operated and controlled largely by organized crime (Global March Against Child Labor, n.d.) Women and children trafficked from Saudi Arabia are being sent to Middle Eastern nations daily. Girls that are put up for prostitution or domestic service in India, Pakistan and the Middle East are usually tortured, imprisoned and/or sexually abused. In Bombay, children 9 years and above are being sold for 60,000 rupess equivalent to 2,000 USD because of an unfounded belief that having sex with a virgin cures sexually transmitted infections. Indian brothels house 100,000 to 160,000 Nepalese women and girls. They were brought to India as they were made to believe that marriage or a good job awaits them. Additionally, 5,000 to 7,000 Nepalese girls are transported into India every year for prostitution. Data indicates that that 2.5 percent of prostitutes in India are from Nepal while 2.7 percent are from Bangladesh. (Hughes, et. al, n.d.). Many are being sent to prostitution as the families are fooled to send their children because of a promise of marriage or a good job. They are usually detained for days and are abused â€Å"until they learn to service up to 25 clients a day†. Others undergo training before being entering the trade. Training may be a â€Å"constant exposure to pornographic films, tutorials in how to please customers [and] repeated rapes† (Hughes, et.al, n.d.). Trafficking women from Nepal to India is fairly easy work because of a 1,740-mile open border. In fact, it is even less risky than transporting illegal drugs into the country. Traffickers can also easily bribe police officers in an instance that they are caught. The traffickers get the women from the isolated districts of Nepal where the illiteracy rate is high. Such locations are Sindhupalchow, Makwanpur, Dhading and Khavre (Hughes, et.al, n.d.). Media Perspective The media refers to human trafficking as an overly heinous crime. On the other hand, some media entities believe that human trafficking has not been receiving adequate attention from the government. The media suggest that steps should be taken to halt human trafficking. Trafficking is dubbed as a very heinous crime because people make a profit out of the violation of another person’s rights (Mulford, 2006). Trafficking is also a crime that has been given less attention compared to other horrors like suicide bombings and other acts of violence (Matysik, 2006). This is because other violent crimes are widely publicized like terrorists that want to strike fear into the hearts of people while human trafficking remains to be an underground business. One analysis indicates that the public has gained a distorted view of the issue since the media has been vent on exposing incidents of the trafficking of women and girls being forced into prostitution which fuels a moral panic. This diverts the public view out of other forms of human trafficking like forced labour (Fahy McDevitt, 2006). The United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking has also identified that these media stereotypes should be eliminated. Human trafficking, prostitution and smuggling should be confused with the one another. Marija Andelkovic, President of the anti-trafficking NGO ASTRA has something to say on the issue (UNGIFT, 2008). Media power should be used to press authorities and society in general to tackle the factors that drive human trafficking. â€Å"And the greatest contribution would be to write about human trafficking as a serious social problem which is very complex and has different aspects,† says Andelkovic. In that way, journalists will help fight crime.† (UNGIFT, 2008) The media must also make an effort to protect the identities of victims of human trafficking if ever they are to interview one since much of human trafficking is controlled by organized crime and the victim could be in danger if his/her identity is exposed. Nonetheless, writing about human trafficking will not always require that a victim be interviewed. The story can be framed in a variety of ways such that highlighting it as an organized crime or something that would urge the government to intensify efforts against it (UNGIFT, 2008). According to the Loquitur, the subject of human trafficking is finally getting the attention that it deserves. The awareness of the issue is increasing especially as different organizations have been battling with the issue. Influential celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey who hosts the talk show Oprah have also sparked public attention on the issue. These have urged governments to act which includes drafting laws and setting up entrapment operations to catch human traffickers (Matysik, 2006). Recognizing human trafficking has been identified as an important issue and the Indian government has started to address the problem (Mulford, 2006) especially since the situation in India has now been identified by the media as â€Å"grim†. However, the actions by the Indian government to combat human trafficking has still has been deemed lacking. â€Å"In Mumbai, convictions for trafficking-related offences increased from three in 2003 to 11 thus far in 2004 but remain grossly unrepresen tative in a city of over 18 million inhabitants† (Human trafficking situation, 2005). UN.GIFT also supports that the media is an important tool in the fight against human trafficking. The UN.GIFT regional event in Vilnius gave focus on this aspect.