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Explore the Role of Joe Keller in the Play All My Sons

At the beginning of the play we see bonny from the description of Joe Keller in the stage directions as he describe as a business reality with the imprint of the machine shop worker and boss still upon him from this we visualise that even though Keller is a homophile from this instanthere he has achieved so much, and even though he is now the business homophile he still seems like the small man who started like any other person would.From the stage directions we as well learn that Keller is a complex character who is still wondering through action there is still wonder in many commonly know things The idea of a man of low origins is reaffirmed in the stage directions once more a peasant-like common sense this helps to strengthen the idea that Keller is the add up person (average Joe) and that he could be just like any one of us. At the destination of the stage directions we are told that Keller is a man among men this shows that Keller is the man of the house and the comm unity.We also see the strength of his character as when he describes his account afterwards getting out of prison Picture it now none of them imagined I was innocent So I get out my of my car, and I passing play down the street. But very slow. And with a smile. The animate being I was the Beast this shows Keller as a strong character who is defiant even in the face of adversity, this also shows how Keller can manipulate things to his advantage, it also helps to establish Keller as the anti-hero.We see Miller establishing Keller as the tragic hero as Keller is the described as the average person, a very decent, hard-working man that everyone seems to get on with, but as with every tragic-hero he has a geological fault which bequeath eventually lead to his downfall, so far we see the possible flaw as something to do with the disappearance of his son Larry .. Larry was reported missing on November twenty-fifth, right? , this seems to be a something that has stuck with the family for a while but has belatedly come underpin to haunt them, with their other son Chris wanting to follow what used to be Larrys girlfriend.The fibre of Keller in dramatic genre tragedy is the anti-hero as hes not the normal idea of a hero, as hes your average normal person and had to work hard to achieve what he has, he is also the tragic hero. Keller is also the protagonist as he is the principal(prenominal) character and also the (tragic and anti) hero of the play. The functions of Keller so far is the patriarch as he is the head of the family and the head of his own business. We also see Kellers role in the plot, to bring it from the away to the present as an event from Kellers past will be brought back up to haunt him and therefore obtain his downfall.There is also Kellers relationship with his son Chris, we see that there is key tension as Chris once worked in the army and and developed a sense of guilt for all the men that died even though he didnt and then there is th e point that Keller created parts for aeroplanes flown by soldiers and that some were faulty patently due to the mistake of his ex-partner But even before this we see that Chris doesnt extradite the same beliefs and ideals as his father(the business), when Keller worked hard and did all that for Chris so that Chris could lead a good life without worry, but Chris doesnt believe that the business is all that matters as he (after being in the army) believes that there are more fundamental things after what he went through.We also see tension through the fact that Chris wants to marry Ann (Larrys girl) and that this would be wrong in anyones eyes (especially their mothers) as they believe Larry to still be alive and for them evaluate that he isnt is like accepting that Keller killed Larry (Larry was a pilot in the army) so thats were the engagements lie. We also see Chriss train to believe in his fathers innocence (with admiration) Joe Mcguts this shows Chriss admiration for his father and how he sees him as a hero and that if anything challenged that it would wreck everything he knows.We see that Keller is respected by others as even though after what happened with the plane parts and multitude still believed him to be guilty even though he was let off, but eventually after time he built back up the respect he had lost Fourteen months later I had one of the best shops in the state again, a respected man again bigger than ever. Kellers relationship with his wife seems to read tension as the stage directors indicate Mother(pained) How could they move back? this seems to show a conflict in their opinions and ideas we also know that Kate cannot accept the death of her son as it would mean that Keller killed Larry and that would be unforgivable, so again we see conflict as if Larry were dead she wouldnt be able to take the pain of knowing what Keller could have done.

Total Quality Management Definitions

Total Quality Management is formally be in BS 7850-1, paragraph 3. 1, as management philosophy and gild practices that aim to harness the human and material resources of an formation in the nearly powerful way to achieve the objectives of the presidency. 3 Total quality management spate be summarized as a management system for a customer-focused organization that involves all employees in continual improvement.It uses strategy, data, effective communications and involvment of all direct employeess to integrate the quality discipline into the culture and activities of the organization. Customer-focused. The customer ultimately determines the level of quality. No matter what an organization does to foster quality improvement schooling employees, integrating quality into the design process, upgrading computers or softw argon, or buying new-fashioned measuring toolsthe customer determines whether the efforts were worthwhile or not. Total employee involvement. All employees move in working toward common goals. Total employee commitment can still be obtained after(prenominal) fear has been driven from the workplace, when empowerment has occurred, and management has provided the neat environment. High-performance work systems integrate continuous improvement efforts with normal occupancy operations. Self-managed work teams are one form of empowerment. Process-centered. A fundamental fraction of TQM is a focus on process thinking.A process is a series of steps that take inputs from suppliers ( subjective or external) and transforms them into outputs that are delivered to customers (again, either internal or external). The steps required to carry out the process are defined, and performance measures are continuously monitored in order to detect unthought variations in the process. Integrated system. Although an organization may consist of many dissimilar functional specialties often organized into vertically structured departments, it is the horizontal processes interconnecting these functions that are the focus of TQM. Micro-processes add up to larger processes, and all processes aggregate into the handicraft processes required for defining and implementing strategy. Everyone must understand the vision, mission, and guiding principles as headspring as the quality policies, objectives, and critical processes of the organization. Business performance must be monitored and communicated continuously. ?An integrated business system may be modeled after the Baldrige National Quality Program criteria and/or incorporate the ISO 9000 standards.Every organization has a unique work culture, and it is virtually impossible to achieve honesty in its products and services unless a good quality culture has been fostered where everyone works for the quality. Thus, an integrated system connects business improvement elements in an attempt to continually improve and exceed the expectations of customers, employees, and all other stakeholders. St rategic and systematic sexual climax. A critical part of the management of quality is the strategic and systematic approach to achieving an organizations vision, mission, and goals.This process, called strategic planning or strategic management, includes the reflexion of a strategic plan that integrates quality as a spirit component. repetitive improvement. A major thrust of TQM is continual process improvement. Continual improvement drives an organization to be both analytical and creative in finding ways to become more competitive and more effective at meeting stakeholder requirments and expectations. Fact-based finding making. In order to know how come up an organization is performing, data on performance measures are necessary.TQM requires that an organization continually collect and analyze data in order to improve decision making accuracy, achieve consensus, and allow prediction based on other(prenominal) history. Communications. During times of organizational change, as well as part of periodical operation, effective communications plays a large part in maintaining morale and in motivating employees at all levels. Communications involve strategies, method, and timeliness. These elements are considered so essential to TQM that many organizations define them, in some format, as a set of core values and principles on which the organization is to operate.

Occupational Safety and Health and International General Certificate

Revised specification of the supranational General enfranchisement in Occupational Health and preventative. The three unit structure rest unchanged (Unit IGC1 Management of outside(a) health and safety, Unit IGC2 Control of international workplace risks and Unit IGC3 International health and safety functional application).The change of Unit IGC1 and IGC2 assessments are unchanged and learners sitting examinations between 1 January 2012 and 31 December 2012 willing be assessed on content common to twain the International General Certificate (2007 specification) and the International General Certificate (2011 specification) syllabuses. Examinations will not include rewrite syllabus content until 1 January 2013.The primary(prenominal) change to the assessment is to Unit IGC3 International health and safety practical application which will be carried out in the students workplace from 1 January 2012. The assessment criteria and mark scheme for Unit IGC3 has been revised t o the International General Certificate 2011 specification. Revised guidance for Unit IGC3 is easy on the NEBOSH website guidance moldiness be read by the student and applied thoroughly as it will be the students responsibility to ensure the practical application is carried out in congruity with NEBOSH requirements.The NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is a globally recognised qualification offered by an established self-employed person UK examination board with over 30 years experience in providing health and safety awards in the UK and across the world including the Middle East, the West Indies and reciprocal ohm East Asia.The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) covers the principles relating to health and safety, identification and concur of workplace hazards and the practical application of this knowledge. The IGC syllabus takes a risk anxiety approach based on best practice and international standa rds, such as the International Labour Organisation (ILO) codes of practice. Local laws and cultural factors whitethorn form part of the study programme where relevant and appropriate.No previous health and safety knowledge is required. However it should be noted that the examination is offered, and must be answered, in English, and that the course includes a requirement to write a short report, which must also be in English.NEBOSH recommends that candidates undertaking the NEBOSH International General Certificate should reach the equivalent of a scoring of 6.0 or higher under the International English Language Testing dodging (IELTS).The qualification is divided into three units, each of which is assessed separatelyManagement of international health and safety (IGC1) Control of international workplace hazards (IGC2) International health and safety practical application (IGC3

Intercultural Marriage Essay

Just as both(prenominal) of Asiatic women atomic number 18 eager to apply a Western life- articulationner, which is known as a romantic partner, some of Western men as well as desired an Asian life partner because they thought an Asian wife is responsible to their time to come family. Things are perfect in our imagination, yet it changes when we confront worldly concern. Marriage is not only unification between a male and female who discern each other, but also a commitment between dickens people to appreciate and to encourage one another(prenominal) no publication in joy or sorrow.Before there were only tyke couples that had courage to take an intercultural nuptials because its too risky. Nevertheless, nowadays the number of intercultural hymenealss draw been increased due to the easiness of immigration. There are many difficulties of an intercultural marriage, much(prenominal) as living environment (style), communication and way to bring children up. The first gear d ifficulty of an intercultural marriage is the living environment. Marrying someone from a divergent finale is absolutely not the same as marrying someone from same culture. either country possesses its own living style and variant habits as well. stack who grow up in a different culture wipe out different backgrounds and views concerning family. Some cultures con typefacer their family important while some cultures acceptt. For instance, Asian people are taught to respect their parents even though they already got conjoin. On the contrary, Western teenagers usually leave their house and prefer to extend with their lovers at their 20s. Sometimes, these individuals families demand too much on their parole/ miss in law which is uncomfortable.For instance, when the Chinese New Year comes, the family from the wife and maintain will assemble together. Its already a tradition that the oldest sons wife has to prepare everything like cooking for the big family, clean and setting t he house and etc, which is tiring and very hard. Problem is caused when either side doesnt agree to do the duty. These things usually will cause conflicts to the marriage life. In brief, even though living style is a elflike problem, its too sensitive that conflicts could occur between the couple.The second restriction that an intercultural marriage couple great power encounter is communication. Communication is an essential part in every relationship. Due to the fact that an intercultural marriage couple speaks different mother language, lack of language is the first problem to exist in their lives. In this case, husband and wife normally will choose to a speak well-known language, English. Speaking a second language is troublesome we arent able to express our true feelings, there would be some words that we couldnt interpret into English properly.For instance, when couple having fight, clear description is the best thing to end the quarrel. Using a second language, we asst ac tually express something easily and directly. Sometimes since we ask to animadvert what is the word in English which is make us fretful and amaze angrier. Because of this reason the quarrel is become worst. For Language problem could lead the couples to interpret that caused a quarrel. In the end, sometimes lack of language might be the most destructive thing to an intercultural marriage.The third obstacle that an intercultural marriage might go through is about how they are going to bring their children up. For this problem, parents have to meet an agreement whether they will raise the children as a bilingualist or not, whose culture they want to emphasize in the family etc. For instance, in our country, when we are eating with parents or with someone who older than us we have to say license to start eating the food. On the contrary, in the U. S we dont have to do that, we can eat without having permission from the others. Then, different from the U.S, in my country its really disrespectful to interject someones house without taking off our shoes. Some different cultures have different habit, sometimes spouse start criticizing one and another about their foreign habit which is unpleasant to be seen by the children. Parents also have to decide which language will the children speak.Every parent wants their children to be able to speak their native language, it would bring pride to them. If they cant meet an agreement then it would be a war in their lives. In conclusion, there are a lot of obstacles in intercultural marriage that he couple couldnt avoid. Marriage is not a simple(a) thing to do, we dont have to be hurry on making the decision. All of people have the same hope that married only once in a lifetime and have a happy existence. We have to conceptualize the benefits and the challenges of an intercultural marriage as much as possible. There are three most common obstacles in reality life style, communication and method to raise their children. People might think those things are small problems, but sometimes those problems could break the couples up.

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A balance scorecard analysis of compaq computer corparation

Compaq which comes from devil words COMPatibility And Quality was founded in 1982 by Rod Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto with each of them investing $ 1,000 as starting chapiter for the organization.They tapped two key marketing executive from IBM company (Jim DArezzo and Sparky Sparks) in the early eighties who really helped in the positioning of Compaq as a household brand name in its early classs with the supporter of other executives such as Ross A. Cooley, Michael Swavely, Mr. Colley.Over the years, it grew to become one of the more or less victoryful PC manufactures company with a commanding market lot and knocking out some of its competitors along the way. However it later in collective with its biggest competitor in 2001.GROWTH OF COMPAQHaving being founded in 1982, Compaq announced its first harvesting (Compaq Port able) in November 1982 which was released to the market in 1983. this was a start with a success being able to sell out 53,000 units in its first year at a price of $2995. This was the start of the rolling of f of a number of its product which included the Compaq Deskpro in 1984, the Compaq Deskpro386 in 1986 and the Systempro (a server) in 1989. Compaq Deskpro 386 was an fifty-fifty bigger success and a mile stone as Compaq was able to set itself as a supplier of choice making IBM stomach its image of technical leadership.The early 90s was Compaq dominating the market for servers driving take out quite a number of competitors off the market in a price war. The late 90s was Compaq buying other technology companies becoming the sanction largest computer maker in the world.Things changed in 2001 as Compaq went into a unification with Hewlett-Packard changing their symbols from CPQ and HWP respectively to HPQ. Just like every other corporate merger, the merger between Compaq and Hewlett-Packard was faced with difficulties but this was worse as the two were global giants in the technical industry with the biggest challenge being saving them together without sacrificing the customer-centric approach that divided them.BALANCE SCORECARDA balance bill is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in trading industry, government and non profit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improving internal and external communication and monitor organization.This tends to transform the organization strategic plan from an attractive but still document into one that the organization uses on a day cornerstone in its decision making. (Balance Scorecard Institute 2008)Kaplan and Norton developed and tie in it to firms strategic objectives to performance measurement. They also recommended broadening the scope of the measures to include

Acquiring the existing firm Essay

Abstract1. Comp be the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring the existing firm, and continue harvest-homeion in Korea through acquisition for Zip-6. 2. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of re-purchasing the licensing agreement and either establishing Zip-6 subsidiary through Greenfield venture and producing in South Korea, tradeing the product to Korea, franchising to another firm or relicensing to another firm. 3. State your choice of options to dog and reasons for this choice.Answers1. If you get it right, there can be m any good reasons why buying an existing trading could make good disdain sense. immortalise though, that you exit be taking on the legacy of the previous disdain owner, and you need to be aware of every aspect of the logical argument you are about to buy. Advantages areSome of the groundwork to get the business up and running testament have been d unrivaled. It whitethorn be easier to obtain finance as the business will have a proven wrap u p record. A business plan and grocery storeing method should already be in place. A market for the product or service will have already been demonstrated. There are whitethornbe established customers, a reliable income, a reputation to capitalize and build on and serviceable network of contacts. Many of the problems will have been discovered and solved already. quick employees should have experience you can draw on.Disadvantages areZip-6 will oftentimes need to invest a liberal of amount up front, and will alike have to budget for professional fees for solicitors, surveyors, accountants etc.. It will probably to a fault need several months of working capital to assist with cash flow. If the business has been neglected Zip-6 whitethorn need to invest quite a smirch more on top of the purchase price to give it the shell chance ofsuccess. Ravi and Keith may need to honour or renegotiate any outstanding contracts the previous owner leaves in place. They in like manner need ta ke aim why the current owner is selling up and how this might furbish up the business and they are (Zip-6) taking it over. It is possible current staff may not be happy with a new boss, or the business might have been run badly and staff morale may be low.2. I will define licensing agreement in this episode we are talking about an international licensing agreement which allow distant firms, either exclusively or non -exclusively to manufacture a proprietors product for a fixed term in a particular proposition market. Licensing is a relatively flexible work agreement that can be customized to fit the needs and interests of both, licensor and licensee. Advantages of using an international licensing agreement are Is exceedingly attractive for companies that are new in international business. Obtain otiose income for technical know-how and servicesQuick expand without much adventure and large capital investment. Reach new markets not accessible by export from existing facilities. Political lay on the line is minimized as the licensee is usually one hundred percent locally owned. Retain established markets closed by trade restrictions.Pave the way for afterlife investments I the market.Disadvantages are first-class honours degree income than in other ledger entry modes.Risk of having the trademark and reputation done for(p) by an impotent partner The foreign partner can also become a competitor by selling its production in places where the parental company is already in. Loss of control of the licensee manufacture and marketing operations and practices leading to loss of quality.Franchising agreement compare to licensing agreement tends to be longer and the franchisor offers a broader package of rights and resources which usually includes ,equipment, managerial systems, operation manual, initialtrainings, site approval and all the support necessary for the franchisee to run business in the same way it is done by the franchisor. Franchising is limited to trademarks and direct know-how of the business.Advantages of the international franchising areLow political riskLow greetAllows simultaneous expansion into different regions of the world. Well selected partners bring financial investment as well as managerial capabilities to the operation.Disadvantages areFranchise may turn into competitors.Demand of franchisees may scare when starting to franchise a company, which can lead to making agreements with wrong candidates. A wrong franchisee may ruin the companys name and reputation in the market. equivalence to other modes such as exporting and even licensing, international franchising requires a greater financial investment to attract prospects and support and manage franchisees. The tell success for franchising is to avoid sharing strategic activity with any franchisee. curiously for Zip-6 Co they do have a secret ingredients to their soft drink. overlap those strategic activity may increase the potential of the franchisee to be their future competitor cod to the knowledge and strategic spill over.Greenfield investment is organization of a new wholly owned subsidiary, its often complex and potentially costly, but it is able to provide full control to the firm and has the closely potential to provide above average return. Greenfield is more likely preferred where physical capital intensive plants are planned. It is high risk due to the costs of establishing a new business in new state of matter Zip-6 may need to acquire knowledge and expertise of existing market by third parties, such consultant, competitors, or business partners. And also this entry strategy takes much time due to the need of stablishing new operations, scattering network, and the necessity to learn and implement appropriate marketing strategies to compete with rivals in a new a market.3. My option will be achievement because its quick access and it offers thefastest, and largest, initial international expansion of any of the alterna tive. It is also a way to achieve greater market power. It is lower risk than Greenfield investment because of the outcomes of an acquisition can be estimated more easily and accurately. In overall, acquisition is attractive if there are well established firms already in operations or competitors want to enter the region. Of course there are many disadvantages and problems in achieving acquisition success. But where there is risk there is also success.Referenceshttp// Retrieved from Global Business Today, eighth Edition (Charles W. L. Hill 2014). 2012

Educational Observation of Development of a 5th Grader Essay

Archie is a 10 year old in the ordinal grade household here at Friends School. Hes at endureed this naturalise from preschool until now, a total of seven years. He lives in the neighborhood and tends to be wizard of the inaugural kids in the classroom e precise morning. In ecumenic he fronts to be a happy child, smiling oft seasons. He has a leaning to be quite goofy at convictions and struggles with momentum simplicity, frequently speaking pop out in class or creation roiled by talking or fashioning jokes. This seems to stem from his minimal brain dysfunction, which he is on medical special(prenominal)ty for. Though he has m virtu aloney(prenominal)(prenominal) ch wholeenges pre dod to his minimal brain dysfunction, he dis understands an skill for math, enjoys reading, loves computers and is full of random facts that he adores to contri howevere. His everyday health seems fine save we consec come in noniced that he spends quite a bit of era in the bat hroom on occasion.We suspect that he may crap digestion/constipation issues, nonwithstanding this is un pass on and that speculation, as his younger infant is live onn to train these issues. He is on hyperkinetic syndrome medicine and takes that day-to-day. He chooses non to lam fage a snack mid morning, but seems to expel a light tiffin every day. He is of aver get along with teetotum and weight in com hitison to his classmates. He has plenty of energy daily and hasnt missed every school due to sickness in these first 5 weeks of school. Archie is the oldest of both children. His younger infant is in the moment grade here at Friends School. His p arnts atomic number 18 his adoptive pargonnts, though his child is biological I do non know any only information about this at this time.His p argonnts are both Lawyers by trade, though the M approximately new(prenominal) is the only adept currently practicing. His father is the Hockey bearing at DU. I see both parents frequently here at the school dropping clear up and picking up their children. In addition, their nanny and Aunt are oft here at the school and hard involved in their lives. They also are very involved with them at home and are on top of Archies carriage including enforcing consequences.why I selected this child?The decision on which child to choose was an arouse process for me. I found it quite difficult because I rattling wanted to learn the to the highest degree from this process as vi fit. Not only about this one psyche child, but learnedness that will impact to emerging students in my classes. I knew that I wanted to choose person that didnt fall into the gifted/exceptional categoriesacademically because in the future I dont see my self hiting with kids that are outliers on either end of extremes, and didnt feel I would learn what I wanted to by choosing almostone from those categories. Once removing many of those kids, that also re spark offd somewh at of the obvious resources with quirky personalities However, I find myself lucky to have a number of interesting and bold personalities in class and no one that seems to get over weighed or blend into the cracks.I took a look at the kids that were mature were they needed to be academically, however had some barriers to learnedness socially/ activatedly/ take outionally etc. Who needed extra cooperate in ways that I dont currently know how to attend to? How do you advocate these types of kids and encourage them to be p imposture of the grouping and fall out norms without squashing their own remarkable personality? By asking myself these, among other questions, it became obvious that Archie was my choice. I see my future classrooms having at least a a couple of(prenominal) children manage him that have attention deficit disorder or similar reading issues. I want to know how to relate to these kids, encourage them, and support them. I also hope to learn how to function them manage their own carriage in the classroom to allow the other children to learn and non be a constant distraction which often leaves them feeling wish well an foreigner or looked down upon by classmates.Key questions about this child1. How loathly is his minimal brain dysfunction dis role, when was it diagnosed, what is cosmos done to abet him compensate? What aspects of his friendship are most touch by this disorder? 2. How to understand what life is like for him from his point of view? 3. What is the main cause for his inabilities to self regulate and his drop of longing control? 4. Does his behavior change based on the time of day or day of the week? What about subject egress? 5. What are his strengths academically? Weaknesses?6. Where is he instructionally in comparison to his classmates? case Norms? 7. Physical culture? (coordination, stamina, fine drive skills, rt/lt mandate, nutrition etc) 8. rational/cognitive Development? (multiple intelligence activitys, level of executive function etc) 9. Does he have any other health issues? Possible digestive/constipation? 10. What is his background in regard to being adopted and does that have any bearing on his current issues? (ie. Drugs/alcohol parentage parent? etc) 11. Does hissister have any similar behavioral or encyclopaedism issues? 12. Who are his friends and how does he relate to them? Do any of his issues get in the way of those relationships?13. How does his family & life international of school affect his daily life in school? (ie distant activities, consequences, family culture, parental expectations etc) 14. What language and questions are best when communicating with this child? What approaches work? What encourage him vs deflates him? 15. How does he function in large groups, small groups, pairs? 16. How does he respond when hes faced with something difficult or makes mistakes? What motivates him to label harder? Participate?Key questions for me to learn from th is take away1. What washbowl we do as instructors to booster him with these issues? 2. How bunghole I connect with him and support him?3. What can I learn from this childs behavior and inevitably that I can use with other future students? 4. What exactly is minimal brain dysfunction and how does it affect a childs education? 5. How kinginess I come apart support and motivate children with learning disorders? 6. When comparing students discipline in general, what factors influence their development?Physical DevelopmentArchie locomote into the category of the Middle Years which occurs from the ages of vi to dozen. This is a time when growth slows down in comparison with the periods antecede and following it (Stone & Church, 1984, p426). Archie is 10 years and 2 months old. He is one of the youngest children in his class, though his physiologic development seems to be consistent with that of a typic 10 year old. He is 56.5 inches tall and weighs 80 pounds. When direct ly compared to his 20 classmates, both male and female, his lift falls in the middle of the require at the 10th tallest and his weight slightly higher at the fifteenth heaviest. When compared to the national average growth charts in the United States, he falls into the 75th percentile of 10-year-old boys in both height and weight (Center for disorder Control and Prevention, 2000). His BMI, calculated at 17.6, places him into the 65th percentile for boys his age and is deemed a healthy weight (Center for infirmity Control and Prevention, 2012).He has non touch on his adolescent growth spurt nevertheless, which is non expected until he turns twelve or thirteen. (see appendage B for all growth charts) Overall, Archies general health appears good. Since the beginning of the school year, he has only missed one day of school due to being sick. This seems to be on par with others in his class. He has been clinically diagnosed with ADHD and is currently on medication for this issue. The medication is administered in the morning then again at lunch period by our administrative staff. He has let outed the annoyance of having to take the medication during the day at school but verbalize that it really helps him in class, so its worth it. Archie verbalise he has been taking ADHD medication since he was in mho grade and it has tremendously helped. In addition to the ADHD diagnosis, we have observed some potential digestive issues. A few generation a week, Archie will disappear for hanker periods of time in the bathroom.When asked if everything is all even off, he says yes, however this is abnormal behavior for a 10 year old. It is understood that his younger sister who is in the 2nd grade does indeed have constipation issues, so we conjecture that may be affecting Archie as swell. Over the course of my 6 weeks of placards, this bathroom behavior continued which leads me to speculate that something is going on in regard to his digestion and elimination. T he ADHD medication does not appear to affect his physical health, however his eating habits do seem to be alter. The majority of the children eat a snack every morning most 10am and Archie neer does. Ive asked him why and he says he isnt hungry. He prefers to get on the classroom computers for the 15-minute duration of snack time. For lunch everyday, he brings a vanilla escort along with a few other nutritious items. break is a nutritional shake that has essential vitamins, minerals, fat, and protein, along with aiding in digestion and providing energy.I was told he started bringing these last year to make sure that he was getting some nutrition during the day because he often generation did not eat much. I also wonder if a indirect reason has to do with his digestive issues. He nearly continuously drinks the Ensure and occasionally eats the other items he brings. He is nearly ceaselessly one of the first children done with his lunch and is eager to get on the computers to play a game. In addition to his daily snack and lunch habits, I have find that when offered snacks or sugary treats he never partakes. A few examples areduring birthday celebrations or the harvest festival, both of which consist of potluck treats brought in by classmates. In addition, the music teacher says that he never takes the skittle reward claiming he said he doesnt need extrinsic motivation It seems that in that location is a clear get in touch between his ADHD medication consumed during the day and his privation of appetite.I am unsure of how he eats at home, however seeing that his height and weight fall into healthy categories, his current nutrition must be providing what he needs. Throughout the day, his energy levels are consistent, however his focus and heed seem to be best in the morning. Many measure a day we gather the group into a circle. He tends to be recalcitrant and move a solidification, so he is allowed to sit on a stool during these times (unlike oth er children who sit on the floor). These times seem to be the most difficult for him to manage impulse control, stay rivet and suppress excess energy. These behaviors are consistent with his ADHD and in that location have been modifications in the classroom, such(prenominal) as the stool, to support him with that. His mood seems to stay systematically jovial throughout the day, and his bodily movements dont seem to express this aspect of him. It appears his motor skills are appropriate for his age, though it is clear during observation that those skills are not nearly as advanced as many another(prenominal) of his classmates.His large motor skills show the most obvious contrast. His movements when running, kicking and throwing a ball are awkward, jerky and only mildly duplicate (See propose 8a in Appendix A). Children with ADHD are notoriously clumsy and tend to have problems with how they perceive their bodies in relation to quad (Freed & Parsons, 1997, p64). His PE teacher says that he has never been that great at sports and often seems to exaggerate his bodily movements. She suspects some of the exaggeration is to be fancyous and to distract from his lack of coordination in comparison to the other students. Energetically he seems to comfortably have the stamina to lapse up with the sports and activities at hand, however, the interest in these activities seems to be lacking. This shows up not only in PE class but also on the resort area at fragmentize. Over many days of observing Archie at recess, never once did I see him participate in any soft of sport activity. Daily the other children are playing kickball, buzz off the flag, four square or tag, and he never chooses to join in.He often chooses to hang out with the same 2 to 3 boys engaging in non-physical activities while talking and sitting on the picnictable, under the play structure or hanging from the chain loops. A few times I observed him reading by himself on the playground. I find it intriguing that his energy and body movements inside the classroom seem heightened, yet he does not feel the need to exert this energy outside of the classroom. Personal interest and aptitude in sports seems to play a reference in this discrepancy. However, it leaves me curious as to what else might be influencing his physical behaviors and choices. In addition, it is said that during the middle years, motor skills blossom as children become upright at many types of physical activities, skills and games (Stone & Church, 1984, p450). This also makes me wonder what he might be missing out on developmentally by not having interest in these physical activities.His fine motor skills are on par with the other students in his class. Though his hand writing is not always perfect, when he takes the time, it is often much nicer than the other boys in the classroom. His written work, both writing and math, is legible, tends to be larger letters, and of average quality (see Appendix C ). H is drawing and art skills are less advanced, more than careless and not as refined as testify by picture 6b & 6b of his art project box in comparison to four other students (see Appendix A). His attention to detail in writing is much more sound out than in drawing (see Appendix C, 4/5/6). He is right handed, holds the pencil appropriately and writes with adequate pressure.He is sufficiently coordinated with cut and math tools as well. There is no evidence that his fine motor skills are deficient, unsloped not as advanced as some though on par or exceed others in his classroom. Overall, Archies physical development seems to fit the usual pattern of his age group. The differences I have observed are in his gross motor skills being less coordinated than others and his lack of interest in physical activities during recess and PE. I have not noticed any physical development issues that are affecting his learning or social interactions, though it is clear that his ADHD does have an impact on all areas of his life.Cognitive DevelopmentPerhaps the most intriguing aspects of Archies development are in both the social/ excited and cognitive realms. He is a in general happy child that comes to school everyday with a positive situation and a smile on his face.He is caring and empathetic to others and is quite self- assured and reflective. He has the tendency to be quite goofy, often flavor for ways to be the class clown and generate a laugh. unequivocal his urges to speak out, move about or be appropriate in the moment is very difficult for him. You can see that he often acts first then means by and by. His impulses seem to get the best of him at times and often leads to him causing interruptions and getting into trouble. You can see that he is a good- dispositiond boy and means well, however his low executive cognitive operation skills make it difficult for him in the classroom. Luckily, his happiness seems to remain strong and zippy despite his social/emot ional hornswogglecomings.All of this can be accounted for when viewed through the lens of a child with Attention Deficit Disorder. Therefore, we must first examine his cognitive development before addressing his social/emotional development. fit is described as a neurological syndrome that has three primary symptoms impulsivity, distractibility and hyperactivity. The American Psychiatric Association states in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of intellectual Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) that 3%-7% of school-aged children have ADHD (Freed & Parsons, 1997). Research shows that each year there is a drastic increase in reported cases and boys are more likely than girls to be diagnosed. Why might this be? Children with amplify or ADHD (incorporating the hyperactivity component) are often easily distracted, find it difficult to listen, follow directions, trouble sitting still and control impulsive behaviors. It is not affect that in the typical school system that a child with these issu es would be looked at as a nuisance and difficult to teach.Freed and Parsons (1997) say that the luck is growing because of the cultural influences and failure of our statemental system to understand and adequately address it ADHD. In their book, Right-Brained Children in a Left-Brained World, they make the argument that broadly gifted and virtually all children with ADD per centum the same learning style (Freed & Parsons, 1997, p17). They are often highly visual learners, with non- back-to-back processing and fanciful tendencies. Interestingly abundant, Howard Gardners multiple intelligence theory also addresses this discrepancy in learning behavior. Gardners multifaceted view of intelligence suggests a plurality in view of mind and intelligence, recognizing many different facets of learning and their strengths and weaknesses (Gardner, 1993, p6). OurAmerican school system has been set up to support left-brained learners who are strong at regurgitating information but weak at seminal and problem solving skills. The ADHD child does not fit well into this rubric, which results in his disorder looked at as a problem as opposed to a gift. Both theorists suggest that there are students like Archie who think differently and possess strengths that are not explored or back up in the traditional school system of our left-brain focused society.Luckily, we as educators are learning and expanding As stated in The Compassionate Classroom, The trust level rises markedly when students realize that a relationship based classroom teacher is supporting their common needs rather than ranking their academic differences. (Hart, Hodson, 2004, p. 20) As I stated in my introduction, my decision to choose this child was in order to learn what I could do as a instructor to help these non-traditional learners flourish in their education. Archie was formally diagnosed with ADHD in the second grade and began seeing the school psychologist at that time. His kindergarten/first gra de teacher said they had been talking to the parents since kindergarten about the need for some discussion and possible learning issues, yet the parents were quite resistant up until the second grade. At that point, they did decide to get Archie evaluated and it was determined that he had ADHD and medication would help him.Due to Archie being adopted, I found it intriguing that his biological sister also had ADHD. What is the hereditary link and how does acceptation play a mathematical function? After further investigation, one study published by the journal of Abnormal Psychology found that out of 808 adopted children ages 4-18, 21% had enough behavioral symptoms to qualify for a diagnosis of ADHD. This is over twice the rate in the general population (Connell, P). They also say that 40% of children with ADHD will have a parent with ADHD, usually the father (Adesman, MD). shriek It isnt a stretch to start to see the link and why. ADHD greatly effects the executive function of a n individual, so poor impulse control and accompanying behavior may account for the factors that make these poesy abnormally high. These adoptive children are exposed to more risk factors such as smoking, drinking, drugs, malnutrition, neglect, and unplanned pregnancy (Kunz, 2010).Archie and his sister came from the same set of birth parents three years apart. It does not surprise me at all to think that these siblings were exposed to any number of risk factorsseeing that the parents chose to extend up one child and then got pregnant 3 years later and gave that one up as well One of the areas most affected by ADHD is in the realm of executive function. In a 1990 study published in the medical journal Lancet, a husking was found when using PET scans to measure the brain activity in 9 children with ADHD. The scans showed an abnormally low cerebral activity in the facade areas of the brain responsible for concentration, language development, attention span, impulse control and logi cal, sequential reasoning. Conversely, they found higher activity in the occipital or layabout lobe, which is the primary visual area of the brain (Freed & Parsons, 1997, p36). If the areas of the brain most affected by ADHD are associated with carrying out executive function, that would explain Archies behavior in many ways. His biggest issue is with impulse control.He calls out answers and comments consistently throughout the day, and has a hard time waiting to be called on when hes excited with an answer. His humor is often interjected at inappropriate times and if you ask him why he chose to do what he did, he often says he couldnt help it and that he had to. It seems that in the moment, he doesnt think before he acts. When in a group at circle his attention starts out on assess but then diminishes quickly over time. If he is working keepively he often needs to sit by himself in order to focus. Ive observed that he participates in small groups pretty well, however if with ce rtain kids he just goofs off. His strength seems to be in cognitive flexibility as he is able to problem solve, adjust to various settings and is socially aware of others and their point of view.A great example of this view shift is when he is spined aside for inappropriate behavior. Once removed from the initial impulsive moment he can easily see how his behavior was inappropriate or dis humble to the class or teacher. Archie usually becomes self-deprecating and submissive, formula sorry and that it wont happen again. Ive been affect by his mature response to these instances and level of respect shown. Many children might make excuse after excuse, however, he admits that it was a poor choice on his part and moves on. Theorist William Damon had an interesting six-stage theory on benignant moral reasoning and its relation to authority. It seems to me Archie falls into the fifth stage of special preparation where the superior is seen as superior and obedience is founded on respe ct and faith in the authoritiesconcern (Stone & Church, 1984). Despite Archies ADHD diagnosis, he appears to be developing cognitively at his appropriate age level. In both 4th and 5th grade, his writing and reading assessments place him squarely performing at grade level (see Appendix D).For the writing he was given a prompt to write a story, shit a rough, then final draft. For reading, he was asked to read a short story out loud and respond to a series of acquaintance questions. When comparing the two grade level evaluations, you can see the improvements do from year to year and the expansion of his abilities in these areas. If you take a look at his current writing samples, you can see his personal bearing expressed and some really creative thinking, in addition to the holy use of conventions (see Appendix D). Louise Bates Ames, Ph.D. says that typical ten year olds combine ideas in short, choppy sentences but with enough punch to catch the readers interest (Ames, p42). This is evidenced by his personal narrative story on page 6 of Appendix C . He seems to enjoy math, actively participating and alter in his 5th grade level math classes. His math worksheets and readying indicate that he has a solid knowledge of the curriculum being covered and can do it on his own in and outside of class (see Appendix C, 7/8/9/10).He shows a similar eagerness and competency in Science, Spanish, Spelling and Technology. His music teacher says that he tends to goof off more than not and is awkwardly coordinated with instruments or drums in comparison to other children. However, he has expressed a love for music and is currently enrolled at The School of Rock in drum lessons. His parents said that he is doing quite well. I wonder if this individual musical instruction works for him better than in a wholly class group environment. ADHD children have difficulty filtering out all the stimuli and their nervous system is on overload (Freed & Parsons, 1997, p55). If Archie fe els more stimulation than other children, that can explain his difficulty in certain highly stimulant learning environments like music or PE. Middle years children typically turn their attention toward the institution at large. Piaget describes this as the stage of cover operations, during which children have limited capacity for abstract thought but can deal with objects quite fully (Stone & Church, 1984, p. 493).Piaget believes that children construct their knowledge of the world though active manipulation with materials (Pawlina, 2011) Essentially, learning by image. Archie is most engaged in school when he is actively doing something and problem solving. When administering the Piagetian tasks he showed adapted levels of knowledge in laws of conservation, reversibility and demonstrated logical thinking. When asked why he knew what he knew, most of his responses were matter of fact and then expanded in very creative and unique ways. For example, in the pee level comparison, he said they were the same amount because I didnt take any water out.unless it quickly evaporated ha ha. Or when asked about the woodland beads, he very animatedly exclaimed, What do you mean? Theyre ALL wood So obviously more wood beads and laughed. Archie always has a humorous, clever remark to add in all his interactions.Though not always appropriate, his sense of humor is one of his biggest strengths. This in addition to his creative thinking and ability to think beyond what he sees in front of him tells me that he has progressed beyond the concrete operational stage in ways that arent accounted for in Piagets tests. Critics of Piagets theory personal credit line that he does not account for other competencies a child has developed. I believe this is where Gardners fivefold intelligence activitys theory and Right and Left Brain Dominance theories realistically cover far more of the learning population in our world today. In taking a Right Brain, Left Brain dominance test (TPT, 2012) we concluded that Archie is a combination of both left and right brained. Though he is right handed and a right al-Qaida kicker, his eyes and ears are left dominant (see Appendix E).We took some time to go over the typical characteristics of each and he claimed he set with nearly all of the Right brain qualities. I then gave him The Connell Multiple Intelligence Questionnaire for Children (Connell, J.) which is a series of statements you are to check off if it describes you (Appendix ). Archie scored highest in the areas of Word Smart, Nature Smart and People smart. These categories correspond to Gardners labels Linguistic, naturalistic and Interpersonal intelligence (Zeiger, 2012). This does not surprise me In observation, it is evident that Archie is passing creative with his words, both written and oral, he has a charismatic, humorous, and sensitive personality in addition to showing interest in science, geography and nature in general.Social/Emotional DevelopmentArchi es social and emotional development seem to reflect similar advances as his cognitive development. universe that your happiness is generally based on your experience of the world around you, it is clear that Archie is at a happy place in life. Ames (1998) says that a typical ten-year-old has generally reached an enjoyable state of equilibrium. They love life and share it avidally with those near and dear (p21). This truly seems the case for him as he comes to school every day in a pleasant mood, a smile on his face, eagerly interacting with classmates and has only complained about not like homework In his earlier years at Friends School, the school psychologist started to work with Archie to build his low self-esteem, ease anxiety and self regulate impulse control. Right off the bat she implemented play therapy, allowing him to choose materials that help him express himself. He chose a lot of mastery kinds of games that he was able to solve or figure out and this made him feel be tter about himself. She says he was always a well-intentioned kid, he just doesnt think before he acts.This behavior got him into a lot of trouble in 3rd grade, so she worked with him on better control and choosing which children to be around. At this time he had only been formally diagnosed with ADHD and on medication less than one year. She said, Once his bio-chemistry was corrected, he had to go back to learn what the other children had already learned about choosing friends, do good decisions and controlling impulses. It makes sense that these areas of social finesse are hindquarters those of his classmates and affect his interactions to this day. Social difficulties often accompany special needs learners and giftedness, I see this clearly represented in both Archie and other students with these labels in my classroom. Regardless of his past, I see that classmates really seem to enjoy his humor and contributions. No doubt his caring and empathetic nature, along with that humo r, are his strengths socially.When administering the Piagetian tasks, I asked him about how he thought 5th grade was going. With a big smile he said fine, I like it. I proceeded to ask about his friends and who was a best friend. Many times he said I have lots of friends, but no remark of a best friend. Louise Bates Ames states in her book Your Ten-to-Fourteen-Year-Old that some ten-year-old boys have a gang of friends whom they seem to like about evenly To me they arent best friends. Theyre all my friends (p262). In my observations I noticedthat Archie gravitates to specific friends during recess, while chatting in the classroom during transition or in the morning before classes. These friends are nearly always boys. He initiates talk often in these circumstances most times extremely enthusiastic about whatever it is he would like to share. On the playground, its most common for him to choose 2-3 boys to hang out with and have conversations throughout the perfect recess, prefer ring that to any sport or activity.The fact that he only chooses to interact with other boys is consistent for his age group. Nearing the end of the middle years, the majority of girls and boys are not interested in the opposite call forthyet. However, they are aware that boy-girl relationships lie ahead of them (Ames, 1989, p38). Erikson describes the crisis of this period as industry vs. inferiority formulation that children are aware and eager to acquire information about sex (Stone & Church, 1984, p451) Though I am not there for their sexual education classes on Fridays, I did observe during a field trip that Archie was intercommunicate around about those types of relationships, teasing a few of the girls, and making jokes of vesica infections. It was good natured and harmless, this indicates to me that he is aware of the future potential, though clearly not ready for it himself. interpret touches on every aspect of development and learning (Rogers & Sawyer, 1988, pvii).Due to his common choices at recess, I have not adequately been able to observe Archies choices of play. It is common for this age group to move from symbolic play into an interest in games with rules. This transition period almost corresponds to Piagets concrete operational period of cognitive development (Rogers & Sawyer, 1988, p20). An exception in Archies recess choices was a time for a few days where there was a group of about 20 children of all ages who created a game using the used tires on the playground. I watched the interaction for two days in a row and was quite move with the level of creativity they all displayed in the rules of this game and how well they self monitored its progression. Archie was actively involved as one of the referees. He did not ever participate in the competitive aspect of the races, but immensely enjoyed being the keeper of the rules, telling others where to go, start the race and call the winner.He even ran inside once to get a camera to capture the photo finish (see picture3b in Appendix A). Piaget outlined two criteria for games with rules competition and mutually agreed upon orformal rules to govern the activity (Rogers & Sawyer, 1988, p50). This playground game certainly fits that criterion. I think it is interesting to note that he chose a role where there was no competitive motivation, but allowed him to be in charge and step into a leadership role. I loved seeing this for Archie because leadership is an area I dont think he has much experience with. This game gave him the opportunity for succeeder Research tells us that play contributes to learning and cognitive maturity in so many ways, I do wonder what impact the lack of play has on his social development. When working in groups, Archie is often appurtenant of the others and contributes, however is rarely the leader. Often he will get off task and interject humor becoming a disrupter.This happens especially when classify with certain other boys in the room. He s eems to work better one by one or with one other partner, especially when he is interested and there are hands on activities. Though he knows who these students are that detonate his inappropriate behavior, he still needs to work on making better choices. Therefore, it is paramount to help him facilitate good choices when choosing partners or groups. We actively remind him and others to make good choices, and if that is not displayed I quietly pull him aside and ask if that was his best choice of partner or behavior. He immediately gets a sheepish grin saying no, looking down in humility. In any intervention of behavior that Ive observed with another adult, myself included, he is consistently respectful and more than willing to listen, including the ability to quickly admit when his is wrong.Ames (1989) says Tens usually respect the teacher and often accept her word as law even more than that of their parents. (p41) Overall, Archie is a well-integrated, happy child who is learning and developing socially and emotionally. He gets along with others, displays caring and empathy, is happy with the friends he has and enjoys a positive experience of school. Any shortcoming he has is easily explained by the affect ADHD has on his executive functioning skills and general maturity. It has been helpful to learn that I need to focus on support Archie implement tactics that help him make better choices in the future, and not focus on bad behavior. Clearly, his impulse control gets the better of him, so any way to help him to increase his awareness around others is imperative. stockyArchie is a great kid, with lots of potential along with some unique learning needs. His sense of humor and excitement is contagious, making him quite a likable child. He has the combination of many factors influencing all aspects of his development. It is exciting to come across the feedback of previous teachers and therapists his development has come a long way since go into the school i n preschool. He has shown consistent improvement in his academic abilities from year to year and marked improvement from second grade until fifth since being medicated for ADHD. In my observation of him in the classroom, it seems that his behavior has much to do with his level of interest he has in the topic and who he is contact by. We are actively looking for ways to help him succeed and give him the right environment to promote his learning. Giving children many modalities of input and experience is key to tapping into all the intelligences of both right and left-brain learners.Visual, verbal, kinesthetic, and artistic aspects must be incorporated into lessons to support all learners. Archie has consistently displayed higher than average intelligence when he is actively engaged and fully understands what is expected of him. It has been such a privilege to take a closer look at mortal elses life in an attempt to learn them better so that you may then be better. He has helped me create empathy for him and others that have learning impediments like ADHD, poor executive functioning skills or social/emotional deficits. It is fascinating to look back and review my initial questions posed for this study and see that I have been able to answer them all to some degree Not only do I have a greater understanding of this specific child and his development, but an increased knowledge of what is going on for students with special needs and how I may help them.As teachers, our understanding of where a student is at and how to get them to the coterminous level is essential to our childrens learning. Vygotsky says that through observation, we can know a childs Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) (Pawlina, 2011). In this space of what a child can do independently and what they can do with adult support, lies the opportunity of learning and development. This child study has provided that opportunity for piercing observation and questioning of what a child with ADHD and rig ht brained learning tendencies needs. We as educators need to adapt to the needs of our individual learners. Archie is lucky to be in a school where social emotional needs are a strong focus inthe classroom. This allows him the support he needs to accommodate his reduced executive function skills, yet the space to express his creativities and unique personality. Gardner says in his 1993 book Multiple IntelligencesIn my view, the purpose of school should be to develop intelligences and to help people reach vocational and avocational goals that are appropriate to their particular spectrum of intelligences. People who are helped to do so, I believe, feel more engaged and competent, and therefore more inclined to serve the society in a constructive way (p9). I all told agree with Gardner and see myself as a liaison to learning. Maybe Alexandra K. Trenfor said it best The best teachers are those who show you where to look but dont tell you what to see.Works CitedAdesman, Andrew (2012) E xpert advice ADHD and acceptation. Retrieved October 21, 2012, from http// Psychiatric Association (2000) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV-TR. Washington American Psychiatric Association.Ames, Louise Bates. (1988) Your ten-to fourteen-year-old. New York, NY Dell Publishing.Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (2000, May 30). Retrieved October 21, 2012, from http//, J.D. The Connell Multiple Intelligence Questionnaire for Children. Scholastic Teaching Resources Retrieved October 21, 2012, from http//, Pam. (2012) ADHD and Adopted Children. Retrieved October 21, 2012, from http//, Jeffrey & Parson, Laurie. (1997) Right-brained children in a left-brained world unlocking the potential of your ADD child. New York, NY Fireside.Gardner, Howard. (1993) Multiple intell igences the theory in practice. New York, NY Basic Books.Hart, S. & Hodson, V. (2004). The pitying classroom relationship based teaching and learning. Encinitas, CA PuddleDancer Press.Kunz, Marnie. (2010, March 23) Adoption & ADHD. Retrieved October 21, 2012, from http//, S. (2011, September 16) Developmental Theorists Piaget, Vygotsky, Erikson, Gardner and Dewey Overview handoutsThe Premier Tutors (2012, April) Are You Right-brained or Left-brained? That Is the Question. Retrieved October 22, 2012 from http//, Cosby S. & Sawyers, Janet K. (1988) Play in the lives of children. Washington, DC National Association for the Education of Young Children.Stone, L. Joseph and Church, Joseph. (1984) childishness and adolescence a psychology of the growing person (5th Edition). New York, NY Random-House.Zeiger, S. (2012). Multiple Intelligence Test for Children. Retrieved October 21, 2012, from http//

Bus 610 Week 1

Michael Rush BUS 610 10/27/12 exculpate Connect Exercise 1, Chapter 1 (p 13), 1. a. Interval b. Ratio c. noun phrase d. Nominal e. Ordinal f. Ratio 2. a. Ratio b. Nominal c. Nominal d. Ratio 3. orangecountyregister. com Nominal- The gross sales of the Microsoft Surface allow for the measurement of Nominal data. When looking at the launchpad market all of the sales are essentially a touch for the version or brand. The denomination looks at the sales which derriere be easily compared to other tablets in that market.Ordinal- The concept of ordinal measurement is immediately represented in the idea of high school football. In the article it talks about the number one ranked Mission Viejo team. This is promptly categorized as an ordinal unit of data. With having a clear rank in terms of success, the first place team has a measureable dupe over teams that would be in the lower rankings. Interval- Interval data can be found throughout the readings when it comes to weather. Weather is a great sheath of interval data.The temperature has a difference between values at a constant size and an easy ranking the temperatures for clear measurement. Additionally a zero does not have significance as in an absence seizure of heat. Ratio- In the paper the Symantec Company was brought up. The article revolved around the net income in the second quarter. This measurement is one of a ratio due to the fact that a zero value is meaningful. A company has the expertness to be at zero and be factual. The data can be compared to different years or other companies. 4. a. hear b.Population c. Population d. Sample Chapter 1 Practice Test for break apart II, Problem 2 (p 20), 2. Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors 14 18 10 6 pic Chapter 2 Practice test for Part II, Problem 1 (p 54) 1. a. 30 b. 105 c. 52 d. 0. 190476 or 19% e. $165 f. Minimum= $120 and Maximum =$330 g. pic h. pic

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Comparison of Religions: Judaism versus Christianity Essay

There are several differences between Judaism and Christianity and most of these are the following First of all, when it comes to what is technically referred to as their corresponding apparitional texts, followers of Judaism utilize Tanakh or the Jewish Bible while devotees of Christianity execute use of the Old will, as well as, the New Testament (The Differences between Judaism and Christianity n. p. ).Second, in terms of other written forms which are considered control, followers of Judaism believe in the Talmud, as well as, halakhah (The Differences between Judaism and Christianity n. p. ). On the other hand, devotees of Christianity pay respect to documents authored by priests, church councils, ecumenical creeds, apostolical decrees, as well as, the canon law (Comparison of Christianity and Judaism n. a. ).Third, followers of Judaism consider divinitys nature as one substance, one person (Comparison of Christianity and Judaism n. a. ). comparing this to what the devotees of Christianity which sees the nature of God as having only one substance solely three persons (Comparison of Christianity and Judaism n. a. ). Fourth, Judaism followers see Jesus as a preposterous prophet while Christian devotees consider him as the only parole of God who saved the whole world (Comparison of Christianity and Judaism n.a. ).Last but not least, followers of Judaism never believed in the resurrection of Jesus as well as, his abet coming while devotees of Christianity believe otherwise (Comparison of Christianity and Judaism n. a. ).Works CitedComparison of Christianity and Judaism. 2008. n. a. 15 April 2008. http//www. religionfacts. com/christianity/charts/christianity_judaism. htm The Differences between Judaism and Christianity. n. d. n. a. 15 April 2008. http//www. convert. org/differ. htm

Sophocles shows a dramatic play

Recalling what had happened to Oedipus about finding out the he killed his own yield and that he married his own mother and had children with her, Oedipus last realized that the prophecy is true. Before, he ruled the city of Thebes, and because he wants to bring out from the dirty life that he had been through, he poked out his eyes and went away. The apparent movement without de go down is who deserves to get his aegis, what city get out be fortunate and give the prophecy prevail?Sophocles, shows a dramatic play for a tragical death of a hero and his mystical importance to the city of Athens. During the play, Oedipus who was now blind and frail had transformed to a beggar after he exiled himself from the city of Thebes. He was only with his daughter, Antigone, who guides his way. While they stand on the set apart ground, Oedipus remembered the prophecy of Apollo that he pull up stakes come to rest on that ground.By that time, Eteocles, the junior news of Oedipus, had ov erthrown Polynices to rule the city of Thebes. As a little rendering of Polynices, he was the older son of Oedipus and the twin familiar of Eteocles who want to posit with his father for a selfish campaign.He compared himself with his father which he considered as an outcast. Polynices attacked his brother in troops who is now under the rule of Creon, the brother in- truth of Oedipus. There is a prophecy which was known by Creon and Oedispus sons, that the place where Oedipus bole will be buried will bring fortune to the city.Since they already knew about whats going to happen, Polynices as well as Creon firm to go to Oedipus and take him pricker with the aforementioned(prenominal) reason of acquiring him in their custody and bury his frame in their queendom. However, Oedipus swears that he wont give his two sons both support because they had done nonhing to he will never give his support to either of his sons, for they did nothing to embarrass his exile years ago.By t hat time, Oedipus also called King Theseus and he arrived he pitied Oedipus because of the unavoidableness that has happened to him. Oedipus asked Theseus to keep him in Athens until the day he dies and at the same time he warned him by doing this favor. Without any hesitations and not thinking twice, Theseus sure the favor and Oedipus promised him that the city will receive great blessings once his body will be buried in Colonus.Creon wants to seize Oedipus but because he knew that he cant do that, he kidnapped Antigone and Ismene. Theseus promised that he will get oedipis daughters back. Creon threatened to start war and used the two daughters as hostage, but then the king of Athenian drived Creon off, and soon freed Antigone and Ismene.Soon after Creon left, Polynices appeared, and he asked for his fathers favor to be in his custody. Since Oedipus gained his trust to Theseus he asked him to drive Polynices away, but Polynices wanted to explain his side that he did not condone h is exile and the reason why the men of Thebes turn against him was because of his brother Eteocles.The worst thing that happened to Polynices aside from not winning his father back was the curse that his father gave him (Lines 269-576). Polynices asked his sisters support to give him a good sepulcher after he dies as what the curse of father uttered.Suddenly, Oedipus hears a pixilated thunder and declares that the time of his death has come. Oedipus prepared for his death as he led Theseus, Ismene, and Antigone into a hidden part of the grave where he would lay to rest. The on witness to the death of Oedipus was Theseus and before he died, Theseus carried certain rites on the body of Oedipus so he received a divine tax shelter to Athenes.Oedipus told Theseus that he must not reveal the spot where his body was fixed and in order for the city to be safe for the next times to come, he must pass it to his son when he dies and pass it to his son at his own death. When Oedipus final ly died, Theseus took his daughter to their fathers grave.In giving my own see to it about who should really have the chance to be given the protection for either of the two cities, I would say that it should really be Athens. It is because as I am looking in Oedipus perspective he has the will to choose to whom he will give his protection.There are several reasons why his decision was the right thing to do First, when the time that he has aforethought(ip) to exile himself from the city of Thebes, his sons especially Polynices who is the eldest, did not even show any ability to stop his father from exiling himself and wander outside the city of Thebes. greediness has been seen in the character of Polynices as well as with Creon and Eteocles.Polynices had the chance of getting the protection of his fathers corpse however, because of his self-serving reason, he ignore his fate. He made a vision of invading Thebes and because his father knew his plans, he unfortunately cursed his s on, which had caused his death. The other reason was that during that time, Oedipus already believed in the omen of the oracles since his identity has been revealed and the prophecy had come to pass. He remembered that his prophecy was to die in the near the city gate located in Athenes is located.The third reason why his body stay in Athens is because, he should quit his bad memories in Thebes, where his prophecy had all started, which all draws back from his fathers oracle, Laius was murdered, Thebes was plagued by Sphinx, Oedipus became the king but then he turned to be the queens own son, famine came, Oedipus become blind and soon exiled and finally her wife hangs herself.Several memories which led to his suffering came ultimately from Thebes. And finally, the king of Athenes, Theseus, had shown his humbleness and kindness to Oedipus who asked for his help and gratefully accepted the favor of property him inside the city until he dies, although Oedipus warned him about a poss ible vengeance of the other city.

Of Mice and Men – How Does the Writer Show the Frustration and Tension of the Men’s Lives in This Section?

How does the writer put down the frustration and tension of the handss lives in this section? (Page 57 63) In this section the custody are constantly in frustration which creates a tense atmosphere be micturate of the fear of becoming sacked by curlings old man, although the only place that enables the men on the scatter to repose whilst still working on the counterpane is by red ink to Susys place. The brothel is strongly depended on by the men because it gives the men happiness their attachment with the brothel is displayed by announcing what the brothel consists of.George is hooked on the brothel because entirely he wants is a place where A guy can go in an see drunk and get everthing outta his system all at once, now contract this quote down to just, and get everthing outta his system all at once, we are shown that all George wants is to be away from is the spreadhead and going to the brothel allows him to simply forget all his problems for the duration of unrivalle d night.The fact that George is desperately willing to escape life on the cattle ranch shows an idea of frustration because George is aware that hes going to be on there for a long period of time, but in the same situation, he is in desperation to leave work to reverse his own boss. The determination becomes frustration due to the possibility that Georges imagine is becoming further and further away from his grasp.Although in this section, the tension is for the most part created by Curley when Curley enters the ranch the majority of the men change their behaviour to an mucilaginous characteristic, because the main focus is on Curley and his married woman, and the men know that Curleys wife can cause trouble due to her flirtatious inner nature. Curley enters the ranch in search of his wife which gets the men get frustrated because when Curley is gravel he always insists on starting a fight with mortal which leads to Curley trying to build up the tension between the men. Curle y bust into the populate shows the anxiety that Curley has towards the men and his wife being around everywhere he also looked threateningly about the room in attempt to cause a fight with one of the men. The men also claim Curleys just spoiling it by trying to threaten all the men he is causing hatred within the rest of the ranch workers to go against him.

Business Case Study – Cctv

Case Study positive(p) CCTV (all details discussed in this case select urinate been taken from the total CCTV case take away as presented in Cases of entrepreneurship the venture creation process (Morse & Mitchell, 2005)) Student happen upon Katrina BinottoStudent Number S3172726 Course BUSM 2367 Business Enterprise One 1. If you were Jack running noose, what would you do rise Derwent Systems, based in Newcastle, UK, to extend its reach into Europe, or man historic periodment on the IPO?When assessing if Jack disunite should acquire Derwent Systems or contract on IPO it is would be best suggested to undertake a retread of the attractiveness and competitive position of the proposed encyclopaedism. One method of doing this is through the utilize of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix. This matrix assesses the competitive position of the business in its authorized form, and the aspects of the proposed businesses, against their respective merchandise attractivenes s. (Robbins, et al. 2009) The BCG considered businesses in limits of a hard currency Cow, Star, Problem Child or Dog.The case study tells us that extreme CCTV is a growing comp whatsoever with specialized harvest-tides that catch positive bills flow for the business, which makes it a Cash Cow. Derwent, although they had difficulties with cash flow at the period sentence, commence a specific harvest-tide base and have a recognized brand name, which sits this business in the Problem Child vault of heaven of the Matrix. In order to develop a business which could blend a star, Derwent would be fitted to can the brand and leave alone recognition, and Extreme is qualified to provide the business the necessary cash flow to compass a possible Star business.thitherfore I believe that Jack side drum should invest into Derwent Systems as it will allow the acquisition of a recognized product with the ability to sustain positive cash flows assisting in dogged term sustainabil ity of the business. 2. Briefly outline the risks associated with your recommendation and how the company could manage these risks. There be risks associated both with acquisition and passing the fortune Not getting Derwent Will lose access to a game quality senior high performing product May risk commercialize saturation skill to provide competitive pricing organize for current product good deal out should competitors produce the same products Acquisition attempts Cash flow does Extreme have enough cash flow to support Derwent requirements in the short term Change management issues in merging businesses and associated staff cultural issues If competitors be already engaging in the foodstuff Extreme is trying to ascertain into do they have a market dominance Geographical issues managing businesses on two sides of the globe Globalisation and workforce diversity issues 3. List the benefits, and wherefore you believe they outweigh the risks Increased market sh ar su per index finger to bid the market more products Acquiring the good will of Derwent clients The additional ingenious property from Derwent look for and phylogenesis Additional staff and their knowledge and experiences force to proposed more competitive pricing structures as inputs may be cheaper as business will have great turn everyplace and thence may be able to purchase personas in book Economies of outgo not only for tangible inputs but labour inputs Increased borrow power with the intermingler of two businesses increased assets. 4. Analyse Extreme CCTVs competitive landscape using gatekeepers Five Forces Porters Five Forces consist of the following Supplier Power oThis component could be considered as high as with a turgidr vividness of component turnover Derwent could access better trading terms and stronger alliances with suppliers. This would resolve in more secure and competitive supply of components and with good relationship management, much(prenomina l) as ensuring on clip invoice holdment, Derwent may be able to become a preferred creditor. Consumer Power oQuality would be at the forefront of the consumers requirements and thus this component would be considered very high.Without reliable quality products Derwent would allow competitors access to their market, reducing their cash flows and product sales. Substitutes oThere be very few substitutes to CCTV. Any alternative products do not provide the same level of quality or access to the same features provided by Extreme (and Derwent) products, thus this factor is considered low. New Entrants oThe possibility of late entrants into the market is low due to the fact that a number of businesses atomic number 18 already participating in the market, and any new entrants would enquire a large upper-case letter, for research and instruction and product development. Rivalry oIt is possible that Pelco may link up with other competitors, such as reserved fancy, and their new co mpetitive power would be unknown at this time. Therefore this would be considered a metier risk as neither the new market nor the strategic boot of any competitors is known. 5. Analyse the opportunity using the First Screening fade INDUSTRY depth psychology What is the industry that addresses this market? oCCTV equipment Number of competitors ?Pelco ?Silent Witness Relative sizing of competitors oNo one competitors having a majority share in the market, which was highly fragmented. Pelco in Extreme CCTVs market space, from Southern calcium oSilent Witness Canadian public company, worldwide networks with good crops since 1995. MARKET ANALYSIS Is there a need? oIndustry had decided that CCTV use is a vital part of their overall security dodging and have experienced noteworthy benefits oThese benefits in specialized markets, such as government agencies and punitory facilities are not being taken up by the more reason business and consumer market. Customers? oThere is clear gather up for this product in government agencies, correctional facilities, and casinos proven by sales to date. More generalized usage of CCTV over time due to perceived and perhaps real reduction of abomination that has been experienced where CCTV is in use. What value do you add? oThe value added assistance be provided would be ?Integrated Day Night Cameras superb writ of execution ?Product Differentiation a perceived distinct edge by major distributors Product Life oThe product life expected from this aid would be durable, as once the set up was completed and confide built with customer they would be very unlikely to try a competitors product.The security provided and report card created by Extreme would intoxicate more at stake for the consumer and unless motivated by other means, such as additional services or major discounting, they would be loth(p) to try another service. What is the current market structure? oThe major competitors in this industry are ?Pelco, and ?Silent Witness. oFollowing are features of services already provided ?Pelco provides uniform products to Extreme, but at this time does not have the market reputation nor or they able provide a holistic product part as they are not able to provide an integrated camera. Silent Witness have a product range that is able to feat in varied operating conditions, but also do not currently provide a product that allows the quality of night stack recording. What is the proposed market size? oThe industry currently serves the following markets ?Families, ?Singles, and ?Couples of any age group. What is the markets growth potential? oThe potential market in stock(predicate) for this service is substantial, although it may be difficult to accurately predict. ?Gin feels that although the market is expanding he is unsure how far it will grow and what may film this growth. Key drivers for the growth would be the increasing acceptance of CCTV usage and the unify of technologies to strengt hen the security features of the products. What would be the proposed cost structure? oExtremes proposed product offering would be to provide Derwent products under the Derwent brand, but integrate the results of their research and development which had lead to the development of the even illuminator (UF500) with Extremes solar day/night camera. This would provide a preposterous product to the market. Pricing for this unique product could be set above the standard products and the pricing structure may allow scope to support ongoing research and development investments with a set portion of the profit against these products dedicated to this purpose. Advertising this to the customer may encourage their increased investment in the products Extreme would provide in general. THE NUMBERS Profits after tax? oCurrently Derwent profits after tax have been reducing, from $292,570 in 1998 to $159,111 in 2000. oExtreme has been experiencing good pecuniary growth since its first year of tr ading in 1997. It could be considered that after Derwent acquisition that profits after tax would still be positive and in fact do have a chance of growth if the market response to the integrated product is strong. Time to break even? oIt Gin purchased Derwent for $2. 6 million is would take somewhat 4 years for Extreme to break even against this purchase. This is assuming that their annual profits are approximately $692,000 remains constant and that all other factors such as pay scale and in direct costs remain constant. Time to positive cash? Positive cash flow would take some time longer than the estimated 4 years for break even. oWith the development of the desired product and ensuring its marketing and strategic placement would manage it would be possible to achieve positive cash flow very soon after good luck even. ROI Potential? oThe return on investment potential is able to be seen in this business idea, but the level of ROI achievable is not able to be determined at this time as market demand is unreliable at this time. Capital Requirements? oExtreme would require capital investment, through financing, to acquire Derwent. The asset base of Derwent, quoted in 2000 as being $2,353,113 in their financial statements, would provide a significant base for sourcing this finance. When considered as a tout ensemble business, i. e. Derwent and Extreme, there would be adequate assets to secure finance to complete the acquisition. The reflection necessitate by Gin would be the businesses ability to service this size of loan as part of normal operations. Exit Mechanism? oPossible live strategy would be to interchange off the Derwent part of the company should Gin be unable to operate this part of the business. oShould t require a more significant exit from the market then Extreme could sell components and intellectual property to competitors. Value? oStrategic value of the business would be high when established. It would have a solid loyal client base, est ablished branding and market reputation. It would be able to achieve market discordentiation needed to provide some assurance of long term sustainability in the market. backside YOU AFFORD TO PLAY? Production be? oProduction costs would differ mingled with operating locations, i. e. Derwent and Extreme factories, as input costs may differ due to the differing localities, i. . northeastern America and UK. oEconomies of scale could be achieved in bulk purchase of inputs however the logistical issues associated with movement of stock between geographical locations may actually increase costs should this strategy be employed. This would have to be carefully considered. Marketing Costs? oAs the market in North America currently does not appreciate the Derwent product it would be detailed to demonstrate through marketing the benefits that there products, and Extremes on trying to enter the market, would have for them. Encouraging distributors and consumers to try the product would be critical in being able to break into the market. Distribution Costs? oDistribution costs needed to be considered would be movement of input components, where are the distributors and their clients, and would there be a head office hierarchy set up or would the two arms of the Extreme business, i. e. Derwent and Extreme, be seen as equals in the company structure and thus have equal responsibilities and dispersion strategies would be determined by each location instead of a one size fits all approach. Prices? Pricing structure would need to be competitive with other competitors where product services and capacity is similar, where there are distinct difference between what the competitor can offer and what the new Extreme business could provide the market then the ability to shake up inflated prices, limited to the value perceived by the consumer, would be would become available. These potential increase profit margins on specific products could be utilise either as investment into research and development or to downplay the cost of borrowing.It would be dependent on any marketing strategy that would be linked with the pricing structure. Costs? oBulk buying where possible would match the best way to minimize costs for this business and achieve any economies of scale. Distribution Channels? oIt would be seen that existing distribution channels to be used to promote and sell the products. As the attractiveness of the product became greater then new distribution channels would open. oAn alternative distribution would be to use the companies own resources.The staff would have the background knowledge on the development of the products and the strategic missions and values of the business and would be able to circulate these as part of their marketing strategy. Barriers to Entry? oEntry into this market at this time is favorable as there are not many competitors and Extreme already holds product differentiation with its current product range. oThe ability t o merge research and development from the two businesses would provide a great opportunity to emerging markets globally. Legal/Contractual/Intellectual Property. There are definite intellectual property issues with this merger and then management of research and development results through this business and the proposed merger. oLegal contracts and possible supply and logistic contracts would need to be facilitated to provide opportunity for efficiencies. Contacts and Networks? oContracts and networks already in place for both businesses would be used in the first instance, and then with increase attractiveness of produce new networks and contacts would be developed. It is also evident within the case study that participation at trade shows would provide key opportunities to expand current networks.THE MANAGEMENT TEAM The Extreme structure would remain in its current form. With the proposed retirement of Duffy, Gin would need to find an appropriate management squad to continue oper ations of the Derwent arm of the business. FATAL FLAW/RISK world of a Fatal Flaw oThere are possible fatal flaws in this proposal ?Cost of borrowing required capital to acquire Derwent. ?Ability to establish a suitable management team to continue Derwent operations. ?The need to establish two geographical locations for operations the logistical issues that this may create. stave culture issues and how Derwent staff would be received and integrate with Extreme employees. Risk? oThere is a risk in this proposal in that the cost of capital required to start up the business may be prohibitive to entering the market, although the use of a merger with a business that has established distribution channels and market would reduce this risk overall. BIBLIOGRAPHY Morse, Eric A, and Ronald K Mitchell. Cases in entrepreneurship the venture creation process. Thousand Oaks SAGE Publications, 2005. Robbins, S, R Bergman, I Stagg, and M Coulter. Management. 5th . Pearson Australia, 2009.

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Importance of Language

Every mean solar day and every hour we hear words, earn and phrases these are the centre of communication between me and a nonher soul. If we both come up to the same language we can connect on another level, versus soul who says a comp permitely different language than me. side of meat, my primary language, has been part of me since the day I was born, but another language, Vietnamese, has been part of my granddads demeanor since the day he was born. It is fascinating to operate my grandpa going through and through the drive-thru at a fast-food restaurant.When I was a kid, my grandpa used to number me to Arbys all the time. He would appropriate me in his beaten up green truck, and we would roll down the street to Arbys. Every time, he would stupefy the roast beef sandwich and I would get the curly fries. creation those were good. We would go through the drive-thru and when the soul on the intercom asked my grandpa what he wanted, my grandpa would tell him roo-bee-san -with and ca-ree-fry. For some odd reason, it seemed that there was ever a different person working every time we went, because the person on the intercom would never recognize old gramps English, even though we came there about a billion times.Eventually though, they would understand what my gramps was difficult to say and we would have our delicious warm food. Time went past, and the world didnt seem to change. Me being a grown adult and all, it was my turn to take my grandpa to Arbys, but stubborn old gramps wouldnt let me. I guess it has something to do with the Vietnamese culture, the younger person was always lower than his or her elder. Anyway, he would drive me down the street to Arbys and same ole, same ole, he would take me through the drive-thru and say roo-bee-san-with and ca-ree-fry, and again, the person wouldnt be able to understand him, but eventually they would, and me and my grandpa would have our scrumptious food.The funny thing is, another Vietnamese person cou ld easily have a conversation with my grandpa in full-out English and they would understand each other completely. Which I still dont get. Perhaps you have to be Vietnamese to understand Vietnamese accents, and British to understand British accents. Even though me and mygrandpa can speak English, its as though we speak entirely different languages. For example, I can easily tell if someones from Kentucky versus someone from the Bronx.English is the means of communication, but we communicate in different ways. Someone from Kentucky might peal a sprite, a soda, someone from the Bronx, might call it pop. Accents are what dissever me and my grandpa. To me, dialect defines where we came from, who we hang around and what languages we can speak. Where is exactly is he or she from? Anyone may answer this question for themselves, the only thing I contract to be obvious is their accent. Language serves the role of exchanging ideas through communication in a way for other people to understa nd it. Language helps secern personal identities through certain words or accents to reveal where a person is from, like New York, China, or Kentucky.Through one language, we can see the blend of diverting cultures. To me, that is one of the most important things of language. The means of not only spoken communication but communication on a deeper level, where words cannot express. Through this importance of language, I can connect with someone on a deeper level through their culture. Like listening to a hip-hop song, I can almost feel the intensity of how that rapper grew up in the projects dodging bullets from gang members. In the end, language is what brings us humans together, and also separates us as a whole.

Dreams come true Essay

When I was 3 years old my get down used to tell me mesmerising sleep withtime stories about the owing(p)est world inventions ever made. I liked whenever, she talked about medical inventions or greatest cure to diseases, and I told her one day I get out become a great biomedical scientist, and I will find cure for cancer. The prospect of becoming outstanding member of the society was overwhelming, and I unceasingly wondered when I will accomplish that dream. The journey of that dream of becoming a great scientist started when I first opened my science book in year three. The stories my perplex used to relay when I was young were great, imaginative, and not feigned, and I always used to wonder if I will one day arrest new technologies to cure the incurable diseases. My childhood dream of becoming a great scientist is taking shape and hither I am operating(a) computerised machines, collecting data and analysing them.My dream was to be accepted to study my elect field of science at one of the best universities in the world, and here I am in 2016 studying biomedical science at one of the prestigious universities in the world. My dreams came to light, and I cannot wait to conduct look into and challenge theories, and kill cancer for good. I am very delirious about this. The creative juices are really flowing, and I exploit the bed time stories of my mum as a motivation, and a vehicle to ride me through with(predicate) the challenges of daily life. To succeed in life and achieving your childhood dreams ineluctably a lot of hard work, and I have gone through grueling years of high school studies to achieve success. Dreams come true, and I am a living proof.