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Abnormal psychology-analyzing psychiatric cases Assignment

Abnormal psychology-analyzing psychiatric cases - appointment ExampleAxis IV problems with primary support group (case study does not mention that she has both friends or family), occupational problems (job loss, discord with boss). She go away also be facing problems with the legal system because she will be in trouble fro grand theft because of the $250,000.The exact cause is not cognize. Some factors tooshie generate depression and it can be associated with general medical conditions like diabetes, carcinomas, stroke or another(prenominal) problems. Some think heredity plays a part. Some research shows a change in the neurotransmitters of the mindset and major life stresses.A. Major Psychiatric Symptoms intense fear, experienced trauma at mothers hand, decrease in emotional responsiveness (school, other activities decreased), experiences where she felt unreal, avoids mother, insomnia, suicidal ideation, taking too much right for the fight with her mother (two years ago).No medical challenges have been reported for Major Depressive Episode. The DSM-Iv shows abnormalities that came from the laboratory (p. 324) which overwhelm sleep EEG abnormalities. General medical conditions can happen because of the trauma but nothing else is known about Acute Stress Disorder except in the way it works with Post traumatic Stress Disorder.The individual has so many physical complaints that it is difficult to figure them out. According to the DSM-IV physical query has not developed objective findings for the physical ailments (p.

Civilization Collapse and Environmental History Essay

Civilization Collapse and Environmental record - Essay ExampleThe rebels were suppressed and their leaders executed in 1788.Pierre-Etienne further elaborates that also in the 1780s, in Gansu province, there were two major revolts of the Muslim communities, sparked by adherents of a fundamentalist bleak sect who oppose the local Muslim officials appointed by the Qing. Both Muslim uprisings were suppressed after heavy fighting, as were a series of revolts by Miao tribesmen in southwest China. But the fighting was costly to the Qing, who despite their victories did not eradicate the underlying causes of religious, economic, and ethnic resentments. In 1799, as Qianlongs reign ended, rebels claiming the same White Lotus connection that had animated the followers of Wang Lun were rising up all across central China and were actively fighting Qing armament in many areas of Sichuan, Hubei, Shaanxi, and Henan.Can one link these outbreaks to Specific Manchu policies that alienated the peop le The evidence is not clear on this, but it is certain that in the late eighteenth century many Qing politics institutions began to falter the emergency granaries were often empty, sections of the Grand Canal silted up, regular banner troops be amazed with incompetence or brutality, efforts to stop ecologically dangerous land-reclamation projects were abandoned, the bureaucracy was faction-ridden, and corruption ran deep. It is also possible that Qing reluctance to create new county governments in areas of new settlement or dense population put impossible stresses on officials in the bureaucracy. Moreover, the intense pressure for jobs meant that those who had finally obtained office sought a swift return for all their waiting and anxiety, pressure level local peasants in their jurisdictions for speedy tax payments and for supplementary charges. The White Lotus insurgents of the 1790s, for instance, stated categorically that the officials have forced the people to rebel. It is al so true that in the conduct of the border campaigns, as in the crushing of local rebellions, Qing officials indulged in an unusually high level of graft. This was made possible by collusion amidst high figures in military and civil government, who often hid the real situation from Emperor Qianlong. And Qianlong, having allowed the secret castle memorial system of his father Yongzheng to become impersonal and routine, now had no reliable, confidential sources from which to learn of his officials malfeasance. on that point is no doubt that this pattern of corruption grew worse after 1775, when a young Manchu guards officer named Heshen became secure as the elderly emperors court favorite,although Heshen was not responsible for everything that was going awry. At that time Heshen was twenty-five and the emperor sixty-five, and the following year the favorite received an extraordinary series of promotions Qianlong named Heshen a deputy lieutenant familiar of the Manchu plain blue banner, a minister of the imperial household, vice-minister of revenue, and a grand councilor. There were no parallels in Qing history for giving so many powerful appointments to a young man, and Qianlong later piled honor on honor. Heshen was made minister of revenue (and, for a time, minister of civil

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Should Public Employees be Required to Pay an Agency Fee Essay

Should Public Employees be Required to Pay an Agency Fee - Essay voiceNevertheless, employers consistently infringe these laws, as the penalties are ineffective or do not exist.When working together, they mountain for better wages and improvement of working conditions to be on a position to improve their documentation standards and that of their life families. Union members will norm wholey have elevated wages, promising job stability, retirement security, and availableness to quality healthcare for both them and their families. It is no wonder that those who are not conjugation members are proclivity to be part of one union.It is unfortunate that workers are consistently denied that fundamental rights by their employers. One place of four employers will in fact dismiss his or her workers for trying to form a union in their work place. Several employers hire expensive lawyers and anti-union consultants to interrupt and prolong the union election, occasionally for periods for m ore than a year. This conditions frustrate the workers often get the feeling of being defenselessPeople working to take a living are aware of the disproportion of power stuck between employers and employees. With a union, the human resources win vital rights such as jobs security. Unions realize it easy to remedy on biases as union contracts ensure that all employees are treated reasonably and equally by their employers. When there is a predicament in the workplace, work force and management come together as equals to solve the problem.The conflicting parties will ascertain a memorial and length of negotiating sessions. The parties involved will agree upon time out for caucuses. The parties need to come to some discretion on the needs to be established with regard to keeping of record. They will also need to make common decisions with regard to confidentiality of the information discussed.This is the every initial meeting in general the union brings ship all of its demands. Th e subsequently conference or set of meetings is where management will in turn restrain the

Financial Statements Paper Part II Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

fiscal Statements Part II - Research Paper utilisationThe Home storage is the worlds largest home improvement store in terms of sales. In fiscal year 2008 which ended in February 1, 2009 the familiarity generated $71,288 million dollars (Annual Report, 2008). The most important report that is released by public corpo balancens regarding the operating and financial status of the company during a period of time is the one-year report. In the annual report the managerial staff of the company provides an overview of the financial condition of a company. This paper analyzes the managerial assessment of the financial condition of the company. In order to trammel whether the managers argon being truthful near the situation ratio analysis will be used. In the 2008 annual report the managers admit that 2008 was a down year, but they claim that the firm made improvements to its operation and that considering the recession the firm is happy with the results. The managers are telling the t ruth in regards to the negative effects that a recession has on the retail manufacturing. In the annual report it claims that the company reduced its revenues by 7.8% and that operating earnings per share was reduced by 22%. The managers are insinuating that the profitability of the company was weak. In accounting there is a principle called the conservatism principle. This principle states that when in doubt choose the method that will be least likely to overstate assets and income (Weygandt & Kieso & Kimmel, 2002). Three ratios that provide information regarding the profitability of the company are the gross, operating, and net margin. The metric results for Home Depot for these three financial ratios respectively in fiscal year 2008 were 34%, 6%, and 3% respectively. Financial analysis evaluate whether a financial metric is good or not is by equivalence it to the industry ratio. The gross margin, operating margin, and net margin industry standards are 26.85%, 5.11%, and 3.18% . The company outperformed the industry in two of the three profitability ratios and in the one that it was below the industry it was only by 0.18%. In the annual report the company claimed that the firms generated over $5.5 billion in cash which help the firm reduce its debt obligations. A financial ratio that can help a person determine the validity of the managers statement is the current ratio. The current ratio is a financial metric that test the ability of a company to pay off its short term debt (Garrison & Noreen, 2003). The current ratio of Home Depot in fiscal year 2008 was 1.20. A current ratio is normally regarded as good if it is above 1.0. The current ratio of Home Depot at 1.20 is also above the industry norm of 1.15. Another statement the manager claim in the annual report is that the firm had hoard a very solid $41 billion in assets. Having a lot of assets is good, but it is more(prenominal) important to generate income off those assets. A financial metric that te st how efficient a company is at utilizing its assets to generate income is the return on assets (ROA) metric. The return on assets of the company in 2008 was 5%. The phone number is good when you compare to the industry standard of 3.9%, but the firms ROA was reduced by speed of light% in comparison with the previous fiscal year. There were other operational decisions of significance mentioned in the 2008 annual report such as the fact the company closed down 15 stores, it

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Sexual Harassment, Arbitrators and Vacated Awards Essay

Sexual Harassment, Arbitrators and Vacated Awards - endeavor ExampleSuch submits reinstating the criminate are likely to be vacated if a company has an express inner harassment policy or on the basis of legal and social norms. In Stroehmann Bakeries, Inc. v. Local 7761, the accused was discharged by Stroehmann for violating the rule prohibiting immoral postulate after the employee of a customer alleged that he had touched her breast, pushed himself against her and made intimately explicit remarks. The arbitrator ruled that the companys investigation into this incident was insufficient. The 3rd lot Court vacated the award, stating that there is a well-defined and dominant public policy concerning sexual harassment in the study which can be ascertained by reference to law and legal precedent. The court also pointed emerge that the arbitration award would have affected the employers ability to prevent sexual harassment2.Although the courts upheld termination of employment where sexual harassment was claimed, these finales do not require employers to terminate an accused harasser in all instances. The employer moldiness determine whether the harassment occurred and then its response must be calculated to prevent further harassment, inclined the particular facts and circumstances at the time. If the termination results in a grievance, the arbitrator has to determine whether the termination is support by just cause. Part of these considerations is to determine the relief, if any, in a case.The public policy exception to enforcement of turn over arbitration awards arises when an award reinstates a previously discharged individual. The usual standard for discipline and discharge in labor cases is just cause, which does not have a precise meaning and the arbitrator has to decide on a case to case basis. Therefore, it seems inappropriate for a court to set aside an arbitral decision reinstating a grievant merely on the grounds that it does not agree with the arbitrators assessment that just cause was lacking. On the other hand, the Supreme Court has recognized the public policy exception hence courts have a right to apply it under appropriate circumstances. Although the Supreme Court has not specified as to what mannikin of award violates public policy, it has said that public policy is to be ascertained by reference to laws and legal precedents. Further, it has acknowledged that the public policy exception is narrow and therefore for an order to be vacated on these grounds, the award must violate a specific law or court decision and the occurrence of much(prenominal) a violation is to be determined only by the courts. Clearly, arbitrators possess no independent powers beyond what the parties confer on them through their contracts and the Courts in general, have allowed arbitrators to make crucial inferences regarding the possible future conduct of grievants when they determine their awards. The courts assessment of whether public pol icy was violated by an arbitration award has at quantify been based on these inferences. The Labor law policy favors disputes going to arbitration and the Collective Bargaining placement or CBAs usually authorize arbitrators to reinstate employees. The courts, in general, have held that a public policy shock occurs only if positive law explicitly prevents reinstatement. However, the Supreme Cour

Purpose for Educational Leadership Personal Statement

affair for Educational Leadership - Personal Statement ExampleWith my master degree, I was credited with 3 advanced(a) credentials in Management from the same university, to wit Advanced Certificate in Information Management, Advanced Certificate in Telecommunication Management, and Advanced Certificate in Human Resource.My interest in educational lead is an expected offshoot of an increased awareness in contemporary leadership theories gained from human resources management courses. I have started to remunerate on the development of leadership theories through time mostly focusing on leadership styles and perspectives on motivating ones followers. Despite the enormous amounts of theoretical model on guidelines for effective leadership, there still exist conflicts in organizations that could not be resolved by the questionable leaders who have supposedly gained so much expertise on the field of human behaviour in organizations which highlight modules on managing conflict, cha nge, culture, diversity, and teamwork, among others.My educational background equipped me with conceptual frameworks on management and technology. I am aware that the history of education has evolved from a curriculum comprising of a simple theoretical framework to the complex structure we have today. The development of technology opened a whole spectrum of information and educational opportunities which enhanced the capabilities of individuals. Murphy, et.al. (2002) averred that school leaders, educational administration faculty, and policymakers are endeavouring to redefine the profession in an era of ferment, during which the legitimacy of its knowledge base and the appropriateness of programs for preparing school leaders have been thrown into question. More and more than educational programs and institutions opt to apply leadership theories for diverse reasons.In this regard, I am interested to smell into the increasing incidents for educational institutions use of adjunct fa culty to augment teaching needs and requirements, not punctually supported by full-time faculty members.

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Oil and Nigeria Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Oil and Nigeria - Research Paper ExampleThis found it into formalizing its duty by joining organizations formed by the colleagues in the oil exporting field in 1977. This as well as conduct to the introduction and gazzetting of Nigerian petroleum Production Company in the same year which was own and managed by the Nigerian government. The shell oil company commenced with the oil production I Aloibiri immediately afterward discovery leading to attainment of production levels of well-nigh 2 jillion barrels in a day of crude oil. The economic recession that was experienced world wide in the 80s saw Nigeria income from oil to decline sharply but later on came to regain in the betimes 2000s after the economic recovery up to 2.5 million barrels. Nigerian governments have been having developmental programmes among them be raising the oil production to about 4 million barrels in a day. As a result of this trade dominating as a Nigerian only source of chronicle to 90% of the gross ear nings implying that the other economic factors that were initially regarded as the countries chief economic activities desire farming were no longer paid attention for. Corruption in Nigeria oil There has been a series of putrescence activities in the oil industry since the time Nigerians realized the monitorial strength the country has been having. This was brought about mostly by the greed developed by the major stake holders to mass wealth by altering of information and hiding of others (Kurtz 123). Nigeria having being ranked as the eighth largest producing company and its level of corruption curiously when it comes to oppressing the public and hence led to a loud outcry through out the country. This led to the current president to take the initiative to provide strategies for ending corruption on oil as a tool to win voted in the upcoming elections. Nigerians oil content has an exemplary content of having a large gasoline content which made it to be a hot cake product especi ally by the American countries. This therefore attracted many foreign investors into this lucrative business whereby a lot of interests had to central hands for them to survive in the industry. Ironically, despite the quantities of money made daily in this field, Nigeria is one of the concealment countries in Africa to record extremely poor people in the rural areas having more than 100 million of its population surviving on less than 1$ in a day (Koehn 121). It has been an embarrassing mental image from the UN statistics when the percentage of the population living in abject poverty in such a earth exceeding 60 %. The major reason was known to be corruption which led to the amassing of wealth by the few parsimonious and also creating loop holes for the looting of the nations natural resources at the disbursement of the poor citizens. A research by Reuters has shown that despite promises by the government to eliminate corruption and waterproofing all the loop holes there has be en disappearance of resources worth billions of dollars due the corrupt deals from both the Nigerian leaders and dubious foreign investors. This led to the population going to the streets early this year and protests the countries over involvement in corruption deals. The major cry was the concerned of a prolonged increase in prices of oil in a producing country as a result of the subsidized graft disappearing into the pockets of few greedy leaders .This

Effect of Temperature on Peroxidase Activity Essay

impression of Temperature on Peroxidase Activity - Essay ExampleIt was found that the enzymatic activity was optimum at 37 degree Celsius and the enzyme activity decreased above that temperature thus nullifying the hypothesis that the reaction rate increases as temperature increases establish on Arrhenius equation.An enzyme is defined as a protein that catalyzes a chemical reaction by lowering readiness barrier, biology book. Enzymes atomic number 18 made up of hundred of amino acids to get to peptides and these peptides binds with each other to form the spry protein molecules, Biology book. Nevertheless, the enzyme has a specific three dimensional shape. A part of this shape forms the active situation, where the enzyme connects or combines with the substrate. The enzymes are very specific for the substrates. They bind with the specific substrates only. This is carried out by the ligand receptor complex. The enzyme butt on to its substrate, forming enzyme- substrate complex, which became activated. While they were bound together, enzyme and substrate, the enzymes catalytic action converts the substrate to product of the reaction. At the decision of the reaction, the product is released and the same enzyme is ready to react with other substrate. The reaction could be shown as followsNevertheless, Dr. Rebecca Bellone pointed out that the enzymes are affected by many external parameters such as pH and Temperature. The alteration of the active site occurs due to the change in pH and temperature. The protein gets denatured and loses its active site. Finally the enzyme activity is lost. Hence take must always be taken to maintain the enzyme at specific ph and Temperature.Furthermore, in this laboratory the enzyme that was used to accelerate the hydrolysis of hydrogen peroxide was peroxidase. Peroxidase is an enzyme found in all aerobic cells, which accelerate hydrolysis of toxic hydrogen peroxide. On oxidation it yields oxygen and water, as shown in the fo llowing equationAn article was reviewed close to enzymes activity and

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Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 76

Journal - endeavor ExampleI took part in the creation of an effective campaign process that entailed the creation of posters and placing them strategically. leaders plays a huge role in improving organizational policies and protocols. (Stevens & Cooper, 2009). Besides the intense teamwork, I spared cartridge holder to proof read my project in readiness for submission.The week presented various value addition opportunities as I met preceptor with who I shared vital information on various discourses in the treat profession (Budd, 2002). I attended yet another leadership meeting where I interacted with various departmental leaders. Furthermore, I continued working on the cognizance raising exercise and saved time to refresh my DNP project.I spent time working on the awareness creation project. Working with a teammate, we visited hospitals and clinics creating awareness and encouraging hand washing among other hygiene behavior (Baldwin, 1977). I learnt numerous interpersonal skills to a fault the ethics necessary in maintaining successful and efficient teams. Additionally, I saved time to work on my

Morality and Immorality and Holy Willie's Prayer and Tam O Shanter Research Paper

Morality and Immorality and Holy Willies Prayer and Tam O Shanter - Research Paper ExampleThere are two particular rimes that he wrote which clearly comprise the sarcastic and humorous tone of his style. These are Holy Willies Prayer and Tom O Shanter. What makes this poem important though is not just that these are prime examples of Burns humor-laden writing style. The said poems besides provide proof of Burns personal perspectives on morality and immorality, as well as the reference of religion these matters. The background of Holy Willies Prayer alone would already provide a coup doeil of how Burns despised hypocrisy, especially if this is committed by men who belong to the perform or the kirk in 18th century Scotland. The poem is about a real character named William Fisher, a leader of the topical anesthetic church in Mauchline where Burns had stayed. Fisher, with whom Burns shared mutual hate, is described as a intolerant elder of the Kirk, who with considerable eloquen ce and the conceit of the humorless, exposes himself as a canting hypocrite (Head 527). The title of the poem utilise to him by Burns is already one that in reality reeks of sarcasm. The emphasis on the word holy comes as a paradox because at the end of the poem, Fisher is portrayed to be asking God to retaliate his detractors with the lines that disregards the basic Christian concepts of mercy and forgiveness. Lord, in Thy day o vengeance try him, Lord, visit them wha did make use of him, And pass not in Thy mercy by them, Nor hear them their prayr, But for Thy peoples sake overthrow them, An dinna spare. Holy Willies Prayer actually paints a picture of a man, who is expected by galore(postnominal) to set the example of how Christians should treat each other, turn out to be just as extraordinary(p) and immoral as those he whitethorn have despised. It is clear that Burns disliked so practically how Fisher had behaved as a churchman, whom the parishioners consider to be near infallible and holy when he is actually committing the same immoralities that he preaches against. There are lines in the poem that actually described Fishers own improprieties. O Lord yestreen, Thou kens, wi Meg -- Thy pardon I sincerely beg -- O, mayt neer be a living plague To my dishonour An Ill neer lift a lawless leg Again upon her. Burns, however, does not criticize Fisher for committing these human frailties. In a very sarcastic tone, he highlights the fact that despite these shortcomings, Fisher still managed to pray that he be forgiven for these minor infractions. While he asks mercy, Fisher instead prays to God that his detractors are spared from it and are penalise for persecuting him. As it turns out, Willie Fishers prayer is basically a portrayal of how a man of the church treats God as a superior that would listen to his pleas more because he is part of the church hierarchy and not for its merits or demerits. The poem provides a picture of Fisher down on his knees, praying to his God, whom he addresses familiarly as if God were a senior official in the church (Gerrard 384). Without putting it into words, Burns depicts a situation where the church is actually isolated from the rest of the people, including its laity. The isolation stems from the notion that those who are part of the church hierarchy are not equal with those outside of it, even if they are Christians too. The concept presented in the poem is that God is prone to be more

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Shiite Festivals in Iran and Iraq Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Shiite Festivals in Iran and Iraq - Essay ExampleAlthough the Shiites were considered a minority in most of the Islamic world, they were the majority in countries the like Iran and Iraq. Shiites who venerate Ali and his son Husayn or ibn Talal Hussein eternize their death in the hands of the Sunnis in the 7th century battle in Karbala. Karbala is rigid in Iraq (Associated Press). The other holy site located in Iraq is Najaf. Shiites in Iraq comprised sixty percent of the Iraqi population but the most oppressed and marginalized during the political science of Saddam Hussein. There is a basic difference between Shiite Moslems in Iran and Iraq. Primarily, Irans ethnic origin was Iranian while Iraqs is recognized as Arab.The most significant festival for Shiites all over the world is the watching of Ashura, a ten-day commemoration of the martyrdom of Hussein. Its observance followed the Shiite calendar usually on the tenth day of the starting line month of the lunar year or Muharra m (Rauf). The Shiites observed it as a day of mourning when Hussein and his kinsmen were killed in 680 AD or 61 AH (Shiite calendar) (Everyday is Ashura and Every land is Karbala, Rauf). Shiites observe the day with commonplace display of mourning, self-flagellation or wounding to commemorate the sacrifices of Hussein. Hussein opposed against the corrupt rule of Yazid, a Muslim kalif and he and his family paid for it with their lives.Unlike the Shiites in Iran where they enjoyed majority rule and political power, the Shiites of Iraq underwent severe subjugation and misfortune for decades under Saddam Hussein despite outnumbering Sunnis by 2 to 1. Many of the Shiites in Iraq desire refuge in Iran. The Shiites of Iraq had to celebrate and practice their beliefs with restraint. It was not until Saddam Hussein was deposed in 2003 could they openly commemorate Ashura. In Iran, however, Shiism was the recognized Islamic denomination and therefore everyone could observe customs and trad itions freely.The Origins of the Shiite Branch of IslamConflict ensued concerning term after Prophet Muhammad died in 632 AD between the Sunni and Shiites. According to the Shiites, succession should come from the bloodlines of Prophet Muhammad. The Sunnis believed otherwise. For them, the survival of a successor should be a consensus among community members, on political ascendancy and individual merit. (Armanios CRS-2). However, the nestled companion of the Prophet, Abu Bakr was elected by majority of the community as caliph. Although majority would accept this decision, some entangle that Ali ibn Abi Talib, a cousin and the Prophets son-in-law and husband to the Prophets daughter Fatima was bypassed. Several members of the community supported Alis ascension as caliph (Armanios CRS-1). The Shiites would later(prenominal) consider Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman as usurpers and illegitimate successors. Shiites considered Ali as the one deserving the recognition as successor. Ali wou ld later be assassinated in 661 AD and his sons, Hassan and Hussein would die in the hands of the Sunnis (Armanios CRS-2). Those that supported Alis leaders

Cruise ship business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cruise move barter - Essay ExampleA population size of 1.7million people with only 0.5% unemployed reveals that the service sectors ar well versified with manpower. A look at line venture in this area shows that 10% mountain tax is charged for foreign companies and nil for local companies. The Qatar tourism authority has opened avenues for making visitors experiences good-natured and efficient as they cruise in the country. The government involvement ensures great security around its ports and has been boosting the a good deal welcomed economic growth area. Qatar has a full capacity of ships and other vessels at the targeted port of Doha, with the 12 berths present. The grade 2014 will attest the opening of the new Doha port that will allow for the growing crave of vessels around this area (Jeff, 2007). Due to the elevated number of visitors in the country eery year, the cruise business has been expanding with umteen investors targeting long distance voyage e.g. seven sea s voyager. The short distance cruise of up to a week has not been exploited around this port. The eye capturing view of the capital city is one of the sites that ground a cruise business worthwhile along Doha port. Along its 7.5km stretch, Doha has very many tourist sites worth seeing e.g. historical museums, escapades, water sports et cetera. The market area for the capital city is ever increasing with the projected new port construction to accommodate more room for tourists (Qatar economy, 2011). The cruise manufacturing is soon becoming flooded as more people can afford the prices from the previous high prices decreases. The cruise ship prices have also excruciated from 10 to 40% the initial price of a ship with capacity of 5300 people. The targeted for the cruise industry would entail a smaller vessel to maintain the high yr clientele as well as privacy of the business around Doha. Precisely the cruise industry faces challenges of seasonality and

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Critical review of an exhibition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Critical review of an exhibition - Essay exemplificationThe exhibition, called Boiseries, are actually installations that are real-life interpretations of French rooms that were en vogue in 18th hundred France. Particularly, the artist tried to recreate two rooms the first, a room from the Hotel de Crillon and the other, from the Hotel de Cabris. As in any installation exhibit, the visitor here would have to enter into the experience, than merely assuming an spectators perspective. The Hotel de Crillon room interpretation is form in the Lila Acheson Wallace Wings south mezzanine gallery. This is an enclosed affair wherein adept has to make use of several mirrors in order to see what is inside. The experience is quite surreal and evokes a kind of voyeuristic taint as the effect of the presentation places the visitor in a real and fantastic setting at the same time. It is worry there is a high degree of intimacy involved brought about by the law of proximity to the installation, but the mirrors provided enough distance for detachment. It is difficult to describe the room in its entirety but it is like a piece of precious porcelain, which can be pretty to look at but one needs to be really careful because it breaks easy. The stark white interior of the room adorned with the swimming hue of glasses offered several scenes of artistic composition that are effectively framed by the mirrors.

Innovation report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Innovation report - Essay precedentIt is a lesson from the module for the experiences through toughness that makes people have a feeling that the level of conception transpires to make it feasible (Hisrich & Kearney 23).As stated above, the last year has presented a comprehensive pathway for experiencing smart things as headspring as learning plenty through practicality. Most of us believed they had perfect plans wind to their success prior joining the class. However, my groups belief was gradually broadened and the feasibility planning is a critical tool in achieving success through the experiences of practical feasibility through the creation of products.The different essential skill that will facilitate my growth in the future is that of team attention. Our module allows learners to break away within groups towards get innovative products. There needed to have an understanding of the capacities of group members as well as having ultimate forces in adjusting with each membe r in making the innovation successful Interacting and functional in such groups is tough (Hisrich & Kearney 72). The company we formed was composed of three equal partners who were leaders and managers. We appreciated that leaders are people who do the even out things while managers do things the right way. In doing right things and making things right, the group had equal responsibilities as managers and leaders.The main hindrance was time management for group activities. I feel that the group members and me could have achieved even more in terms of succeeding the products and the company in the event that we properly and usefully managed our time. I recall that there is no amount of money that puke buy time back (Hisrich & Kearney 28). This understanding and the groups improper management of time taught big lessons as well as the methodology of deciding the future using ideal time management skills.The group had a long-term goal for the company and our

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The confidence of Saudi Consumers in the credibility of seasonal sales Literature review - 1

The arrogance of Saudi Consumers in the credibility of seasonal sales of international brands - Literature review ExampleCurrent paper focuses on the examination of the perceptions of Saudi consumers on international brands. Particular emphasis is given on the confidence of Saudi Consumers in the credibility of seasonal sales of international clothing brands. The literature published in pick up to this subject is critically analyzed aiming to identify the views of Saudi consumers on the seasonal sales developed by the international brands. The performance of international brands in the Saudi market is examined due to the lack of adequate stuff and nonsense on the views of Saudi consumers on seasonal sales, an effort has been made to cover the relevant gap by analyzing the criteria on which the choice of consumers on international brands is based. The strategies used by marketers for increasing the trust of consumers to various products/ operate argon also analyzed. Furthermore, the international brands of firms operating in the clothing industry in Saudi Arabia are presented. It is proved that the marketing strategies used in Saudi Arabia for the promotion of these brands have certain characteristics moreover, it is made undefendable that the marketing policies used in Saudi Arabia for the promotion of these brands are quite effective. Signifi backt prospects exist for make headway growth of the firms operating in the particular sphere of the Saudi market. 2. ... On the other hand, Fink (2000) notes that in each market, the level of retail sales can be a credible indicator regarding the consumer confidence in the particular market (Fink 2000). It is not explained though whether there are specific marketing strategies that can adjoin the consumer confidence, which in turn will lead to the increase of retail sales. Referring specifically to the fashion sector, Hirschbichler (2011) notes that the sectors managers are likely to use two strategies in order t o improve the performance of their stores, i.e. increase the numbers of their customers a) the Quick Response Strategy, a strategy focusing in the establishment of an effective add together chain it is explained that the above method is particularly valuable in practice, as proved through the cuticle of Zara by adopting the above strategy the specific firm managed to reduce the time required for responding to the orders of its customers, and its performance has been significantly increased. The above strategy would be also used by retailers in Saudi Arabia, as a tool for increasing the confidence of their customers in the product/ services involved b) Collaborative political platformning, forecasting and surrogate (Hirschbichler 2011, p.6), meaning the cooperation with other members of the team for increasing the effectiveness of the strategies including in a particular marketing plan (Hirschbichler 2011, p.6). Between the two strategies proposed above, the study of Hirschbichl er the second one is considered as more effective, covering an important field of honor of the market. Another aspect of consumer confidence is presented in the study of Jacobson et al (2001) in the above study, it is made stimulate that the most effective way for increasing

Gift of Fear, Just 2 Seconds, and On Combat Essay

Gift of Fear, Just 2 Seconds, and On Combat - Essay spokespersonThe hold up incorporates a couple of ideas. It provides tactics that seek to help readers, especially women, to avoid violence and accidental injury by educating them on a variety of warning signs as well as precursors to hostility. The novel presents a paradox of genre. Becker seeks to emphasize the inherent predictability of brutality by setting patterns of abuse and violence in his book. The book looks at various settings where violent behavior may occur. These places are the workplace, school, home, and dating venues (Becker 1).Just 2 Seconds, on the other hand, incorporates four critical lessons for protectors. These four ideas are categorized as how to evade attacks, how to evade tightly fitting attacks, how to evade incidents that imperil other persons, and additional resources that could keep protectors from violent behaviors. The book is based on more than 1,400 violent attacks, especially assassinations of many world prominent passel. Hence, the authors aim is to try to silence these cases and create awareness of how people could avoid them (Becker 1).Finally, On Combat explores, thoroughly, what happens mentally and physically to most people when they meet a deadly threat. The book speaks of coping with the diverse aspects of combat, although from the perception of how people cope with combat. The of import ideas of the book comprise the physiology of combat, perceptual distortions that take place during a fatal force encounter, metal attitudes as well as the aftermaths of combats (Becker 1).According to The Gift of Fear, the most powerful tool of preventing violence is through focus on the verbal as well as non-verbal clues a person gives off. This could predict whether or non the individual or circumstances will lead to violence. The author demonstrates that people who keep to themselves are intelligibly boiling time bombs waiting to blow up. If SSAs could keep this in mind, then it would help them avoid emerging violent cases (Becker 1).Just 2 Seconds, on the other

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ISO 9001 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

ISO 9001 - Coursework Example reference Assurance (Oakland 1995) is a planned and systematic approach to discipline the quality of the product through prevention of quality problems. Total Quality Management is an organisation roomy philosophy aimed at identifying and achieving the needs and expectations of all the stakeholders, with an underlying principle of continual improvement. Quality Management dust (BS EN ISO 90012008) is a complex web of the tangible and intangible assets of an organisation. An organisation is greatly influenced by its phone line environment (Kotler & Keller 2006) which is made up of the micro and macro environments. The micro environment is a set of factors which be unique to the individual organisation. It consists of the organisations internal values, super ordinate goals, employees, customers, distribution and other intermediaries and the public, at large. Macro environment factors are uncontrollable and affect all organisations, irrespective of na ture, size and industry. The various elements such(prenominal) as the political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, demographic, international, physical etc. comprise this phenomenon. 1.2) List the reasons for implementing a Quality Management System (at least 5). Quality Management Systems (QMS) has become a requisite in todays hyper-competitive world. By elbow room of a transparent and clear authority-responsibility hierarchy, the quality of leadership and management is improved resulting in a to a greater extent effective organisation. This also lays the foundation for enhanced employee commitment and satisfaction and a sense of organisational ownership is fostered. at that place is a remarkable improvement in the quality of products which leads to greater customer satisfaction. each(prenominal) these benefits add up to a better corporate image with the stakeholders of the organisation such as shareholders, internal and external customers, distributors and tot chain int ermediaries, government and society, at large. It is a source of sustainable competitive advantage. 1.3) What are the requirements for the successful implementation of a QMS within a company? QMS to be successful must have the blessings of the top management. Quality is not a one shot activity and is resource driven. Strategic leadership, co-operation and involvement of all the employees, proscribe none, are the keys to effective implementation. Patience is a virtue and any undue haste or ill-considered cuts would prove detrimental to the QMS cause. Clear and elaborate documentation eases the entire quality effort. Regular monitoring and go off paves the way for success of the QMS initiative. 1.4) Discuss organisational versus process approaches to the implementation of a QMS. Two major approaches to implementation of QMS are the Organisational and the Process approaches. The organisational approach to QMS represents an organisation wide effort to produce and deliver quality pro ducts and services to its customers. All the four factors of production namely men, material, money and management contribute to the overall effort of achieving its goals and objectives. Based on the Agree-Say-Do-Improve (ISO 9001 2008) cycle, it enables an organisation to obtain a clear perspective on what needs to be done and provides an soul of the structure and requirements of the ISO standard. The first stage involves a clear understanding of what exactly

Human Resource policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Human election policy - Essay ExamplePositive action mechanism approach has been adopted by most of the institutions to fasten diversity and gender and racial balance is attained (Roberts & Institute of Personnel and Development, pp 22).Positive action is a termed used to refer to the measures which are wageed by companies and organizations to counteract the negative impacts of discrimination in conflict and also to help reduce stereotyping and this discrimination. However, substantiating action is not meant to bring ab extinct favorable sermon for some masses who are marginalized. While employing people using the positive action, employers are not to employ unqualified individuals. Positive action is an initiative which is used to help employers encourage some trusted groups of people who inequitably represented in the employment sector to apply for promotions and jobs. Due to the previous discrimination in work places, some people feel unworthy or unfit to apply for jobs in certain areas either because of their lifestyle, race or background and at times because of past experiences which such people could agree encountered in other organizations which made them believe that they may not be welcome in other companies as their employees. Positive action initiatives have been made legal by some particular sections of the practice of law although different it raises different questions regarding cases of positive discrimination which can arise charm employing the positive action during recruitment and selection processes (Roberts & Institute of Personnel and Development, pp 28-33).Recruitment and selection techniques While carrying out the recruitment and selection process, the human beings resource department uses different approaches to ensure that the best candidates are selected and appointed for particular posts. While implementing the positive action policy, the human resource department should ensure that the form of technique being employ ed would upraise this practice rather than hindering it. While deciding on the right technique to employ while carrying out the recruitment and selection process, it is vital to ensure that the selection technique would meet the needs of an organization. Also, the technique being employed should meet the requirements of the company. The kind of posts being filled also determines the kind of recruitment and selection process or technique (Roberts & Institute of Personnel and Development, pp 55). One of the major techniques which is employed while carrying out the selection and recruitment process is use of interviews. This process begins with seeising whereby a vacant post is advertise to the public and/ or employees and they are invited to apply for the post. This attracts a pool of applicants from whom a few are selected establish on merits and other qualifications which the company or an organization deems necessary. In cases where positive action is being employed, the advert p ut forward should clearly state so to ensure that the advert attracts the attention of the under represented individuals in an organization. So as to attract the desired individuals while advertising for jobs using positive action policy, an organization may advertise job vacancies in minority ethnic media or other media delegacy which are bound to reach the target group more efficiently especially. This is more so when an organization wishes to attract diverse cultures or races. During the

Self Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Self Study - Essay utilizationThe importance of self-study cannot be undermined as Shakespeare said to thine own self be true. There is a gem of wisdom behind that line since self-study reveals the foundations of a persons character, values as swell up as environmental factors that have greatly influenced her perspectives in life. The following is an excerpt of an interview of myself done by my colleague.Mass media often plays a significant role in disseminating information to society. When asked about my favorite TV shows, books, and characters I replied that I loved watching TV shows like Sesame Street, Mister Rogers Neighborhood Wonder Woman, unlikely Hulk and the Jeffersons as a child. Of course, there were many wholesome shows then but the same really suited my taste. The books I have read were Mice and Men George Orville, 1984, and Aesops fables. I loved these stories since they were modify with Fairy Tales, morals, and mythology. In fact, my favorite characters were the Tortoise and the Hare. I realized a valuable lesson from the slow tortoise plodding on with determination will get me to where I want to be if I never give up. Until today, I kept that lesson in mind and use it whenever situations are difficult, I persevere until the end. Another character I liked was Elmo. Until today, I am not certain whether Elmo is male or female, but I do think he is male. The lessons I learned from Elmo were creativity, tolerance, optimism, and the opportunity for simple pleasures.Although the media influences childrens minds, it cannot be denied that parents are the primary role models for a growing child. According to Santrock (1994) The information that surrounds the child and which is internalized comes to the child inside the family arena through parent-child interactions, role modeling,

Maths and Excel exercise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Maths and Excel employment - Essay ExampleThe horizontal dotted line indicates that the blue curve and the green curve put one across the same maximum. The vertical dotted lines indicate the maxima for the three curves, respectively.g) The weight of the heads of planetary house appears to be unremarkably distributed. compensation however atomic number 18 extremely skewed, resulting in many households with low wages and a fewer with superior wages. The education level is a symmetric, discrete distribution, with both highly better and less educated heads of households macrocosm rare. Since weight is the only symmetric distributed variable in the table, only in its case are the strain mean and median close to each other. Another indication that weight is indeed unremarkably distributed is the proximity of the actual percentages of weights falling within the three given intervals to the empirical percentages. This is because the empirical percentages are calculate assume n ormality of the data. An kindle observation is that the size of the 95% confidence interval for clothing and recreational costs is in reality much higher than that of more(prenominal) basic expenses such as food and housing. It is also interesting to maintain that clothing and recreational expenses are more tightly correlated with net income than food and household expense are, as indicated by the marginally higher correlation coefficient of TOTEXP2 with FINC than TOTEXP1 with FINC. ... TOTEXP210.82109.38Note 95% Confidence Interval has been calculate for the left tail, since all 3 variables show skewed distributions.e)Correlation coefficient r = 0.9927Correlation coefficient r = 0.9979f) The fixing equation for TOTEXP1 Vs FINC is y = .59x + 1.5, while the regression equation for TOTEXP2 Vs FINC is y = .16x + .088g) The weight of the heads of household appears to be normally distributed. Wages however are extremely skewed, resulting in many households with low wages and a fe w with high wages. The education level is a symmetric, discrete distribution, with both highly educated and less educated heads of households being rare. Since weight is the only symmetric distributed variable in the table, only in its case are the sample mean and median close to each other. Another indication that weight is indeed normally distributed is the proximity of the actual percentages of weights falling within the three given intervals to the empirical percentages. This is because the empirical percentages are calculated assuming normality of the data. An interesting observation is that the size of the 95% confidence interval for clothing and recreational expenses is actually much higher than that of more basic expenses such as food and housing. It is also interesting to note that clothing and recreational expenses are more tightly correlated with net income than food and household expense are, as indicated by the marginally higher correlation coefficient of TOTEXP2 with F INC than TOTEXP1 with FINC. One possible interpretation is that spend on less basic needs is more constrained by income than spending on more basic needs

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McGregor's Theories and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in Relation to Essay

McGregors Theories and Maslows power structure of Needs in Relation to Modern Marine Management Practices - Essay ExampleThe role of managers asshole be interpreted as that of looking over or ensuring people work as expected. As a process, watchfulness aims at maintaining an environment where individuals can work together to meet the set targets (Koontz and Weihrich, 1990, p.4). A broader form of guidance gives different implications. One of these is that it assigns managers with the role of planning, organizing, staffing and leading. Secondly, management is not limited to specific groupings as it applies to any kind of organization. In addition to that, it applies to all managers regardless of the organizational level they are at. Also, the drive force behind every manager is to create surplus. Management also deals with productivity of an organization. Hence, emphasis is move on effectiveness and efficiency.Also, the aim of organizational behavior is to help managers map out t he organizations future through a better understanding of human behavior (Hersey & Blanchard, 1996, p.80). Some of the key battlefields in management include problem solving, administration, human resource management and leadership of the organization. Organizations flavour challenges on a daily basis that affect its performance. Thus, it is the managements business to identify and analyze the problems then apparatus the necessary remedies. Administration, on the other hand, implies overseeing the implementation of the laid down procedures. Human resource management involves integration of human resource, analysis of workers and overseeing flow of ideas between an organizations shareholders and its workers. Leadership looks into interpersonal relationship, personal right and management skills. Theories serve as perspectives which people use to get a better understanding of experiences that they face (Stoner et al. 1995, p. 31). These generalizations and principles give a framew ork that can be used to study a given area of knowledge. Several approaches have been given to management analysis. Thus, management theories have been formulated to explain and analyze the management process. Different conflicting views have been given and for this reason, some scholars refer to this situation as the management conjecture jungle (Koontz, 1961 pp.174-188). Some of the theories that can be used to analyze management are McGregor theories and the Maslow hierarchy of needs. McGregor theories Douglas McGregor was an American social psychologist who came up with management ideas that he covered in his X-Y theory. This theory is commonly referred to in management and motivation. According to McGregor, there are two approaches to managing people (McGregor, 1985, p. 16). Many managers prefer to apply theory x which unfortunately gives poor leave alones compared to theory y. a. Theory x Theory x is also known as the authoritarian management style. This management style is characterized by workers who dislike their work (Business Balls, 2012, p.1). These people have to be forced to work with threats of punishment upon failure to meet organizational objectives. Also, such workers shy off from responsibility and prefer to be directed on what to do. Theory x managers are goal oriented and result driven. These managers are intolerant to epole that fail to meet deadlines. This leads them to act in aloofness and arrogance. These managers create a compulsory environment where

Health Research Methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Health Research Methods - Essay ExampleIn youth, visible in legal action has been identified as an important predictor of excess weight gain. Concurrent with increases in gruelling and obesity, physical activity has decreased among children and adolescents. During middle and high school years, marked declines in physical activity have been observed, particularly among girls, regardless of race. One reason for the decline in physical activity in the childhood whitethorn be the reduction of physical education in schools. In the developed world, change magnitude use of computers and television also markedly decrease childrens activity level. As a result of this, dapple many children get little to no physical activity, even those who meet current recommended activity guidelines may still not be exercising sufficiently (Ebbelling, Pawlak, and Ludwig, 2002, 473-482).The degree of obesity in children cannot be assessed by any classification as it is done in case of adults. In case of c hildren, it is expressed traditionally by percentile measures. Children who have a body mass index (BMI) between 85th and ninety-fifth percentile be considered at risk for heavy(p), and those who are at greater than 95th percentile are considered overweight. ... as been elucidated that worldwide, there has been a trend towards increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity in children, and this could pass off to a increased predisposition to metabolic syndrome and related complications. Overweight children more often become overweight adults, and as increases, this poses somber risk for health (Freedman et al., 2004, 10-16). Obesity has been known to be associated with and sometimes causative of serious medical complications in the adult life, which can be sequelae of the childhood obesity. Moreover, serious medical complications of obesity may lead to enhanced mortality in children (Lobstein and Frelut, 2003, 195-200). Therefore monitoring the prevalence and preventing them ch ildhood becomes an important question.Since legal profession has been recognised to be the best form of intervention in obesity in childhood, it is important to realize out the risk factor outs that may be associated with childhood obesity. Current evidence from existing research suggests that essential or idiopathic obesity in children has been linked with nutritional factors right from the formula feeding to thermic intake, nutritional balance, food groups, physical activity, and many other factors (Cuttler, Whittaker, and Kodish, 2003, 722-724). Therefore interventions in these areas to curb the risk factors would be able to improve the obesity status of the children in the community. Research Question Based on this hypothesis, an attach study can be designed that can ask the effects on risk factor interventions in obese children in order to answer the question can risk factor alteration interventions be effective in reducing obesity in a study population comprising of chi ldren Aims To investigate the short-term and long-term effects of risk factor

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Los Vendidos by Luis Valdez Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Los Vendidos by Luis Valdez - Research Paper ExampleIt is clear from the study that in his play Luis Valdez highlights racism, social injustice, stereotyping and corruption of social identity as key problems faced by the Mexican and Mexican- American groups. The perpetrators are the Americans. The Mexican stereotypes are not accepted by the American society and then face constant disapproval and discrimination. This case is demonstrated by the proceedings of the secretary-Miss Jimenez who goes to buy a brown-skinned automaton that has a Mexican appeal. However, she focuses on a model that is likely to be accepted by the American society for having certain characteristics such as the English speaking ability, sophistication and hard-working. The secretary highlights these characteristics as the rarefied representation of the American. These characteristics are completely opposite to those associated with Mexicans or Mexicans-Americans. They are known as lazy, stupid and illiterate. As much as the Americans are blamed for these acts against the community having Mexicans roots, they are also to blame for its spread. The shop possessor and the secretary have Mexican roots but instead, continue to stick to the stereotypes set by the Americans. This proves to a certain point that they are also inclined to believe it is the actual case with people of Mexican roots. The author focuses much on the effects of the Americans in perpetrating this kind of discrimination while also impuissance to recognize the role played by the Mexicans and the Mexican-American society. While buying the models Miss Jimenez- a Latina, but she play-acts as an American, and for that matter she is inclined or rather believes that products made in the U.S.A are way better. In accompaniment she wishes to buy a Mexican-American product only made in the USA are because they thought to be of better quality than those made by Mexicans. After going past a Mexican a revolutionist, a pachuco, a farm worker and a college-educated Mexican-American, the secretary decides to take the last one. She buys the model, but just after do the monetary disbursement he acts in an unforeseen way. Terrified, she leaves the model shop without taking the merchandise she had bought (Valdez, 1995). This explains that she had conflicts with how the placement would like her purchase. Perhaps it would not please them enough. This shows that the Latinos have to great extent become subject to enabling the spread of this stereotyping. The author does not dwell much on it though it is an indispensable part of the play. It is real notable. Until this instant in the text Los Vendidosthe reader can see the diverse stereotypes about Latinos themselves, comprising those who act as if they are not Latinos like the secretary. If the play ended at that point, it would be anassessment on the relationships based on stereotypes. However, Luis Valdez goes ahead and displays the set of Latinos who act like robots distributing the money they had got from the secretary and seeingas stupid those people who

Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

consensual Relationship Agreements - Case Study ExampleSome people believe that work limit romantic affinitys should be allowed and that employers should never try to inhibit them. Others, on the other hand, believe that these kinds should be inhibited and that the employees should not be allowed to express their feelings and emotions at work because this interferes with proper workplace ethics (Cohen, 2009). Consensual relationship agreement is a process that has been suggested for managing workplace relationships. A consensual relationship agreement is like a relationship assume where two individuals sign an agreement that explicitly reveals their personal and romantic relationships. As they sign the agreement, they agree to be in the relationship leave behindingly and that their relationship will not affect their professionalism in the workplace. Advantages Consensual relationship agreements are extremely effective both to employees and the organization. Having employees sig n this kind of agreement will be useful in making sure that any personal relationships in the workplace are well managed (Hellriegel, 2007). Employees will be sure that if the relationship takes a different course that it was meant, they will not be victimized by their partners by beingness sued for sexual harassment. A consensual relationship agreement will likewise help the employees to be sober about their professionalism and be able to separate their personal and professional life. Moreover, sign a consensual relationship agreement will be a better way of aiding the employees in having a relationship that they are not ashamed of and that has a better foundation. Consensual relationship agreements are no more of privacy intrusion than a marriage contract, especially considering that there is nothing for employees to be shameful about if their relationship is open and not based on negative foundations such as immorality or cheating other existing spouses. Employees can also be nefit from the consensual relationship agreement because it will protect them from getting into relationships with people who are not serious about the relationship. any these factors indicate that the workplace will be improved and that the negative effects that come from personal relationships in the workplace will not be a problem. Argument Against Consensual relationship agreements also acquit negative impacts. For one reason, the use of consensual relationship agreements assumes that the relationships have a starting point. It is not unclouded to determine when and where a romantic relationship starts so that the parties involved can decide to sign the contract. slice the whole idea of consensual relationship agreements is good because it is meant to make the workplace a better place and avoid confusions in the workplace, its implementation can only remain to be elusive. Studies show that employees resent being micromanaged even from a professional point of view, let alone from a personal point of view. relative employees that they have to sign a contract or an agreement in order for them to have a personal relationship is not as practical as it is theoretical. The spirit of consensual relationship agreements may be good, but how to implement is the problem. The other issue with consensual relationship agreements is that it fails to consider that relationships are erratic and always shifting. For instance, two people in a

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Pope John Paul II and the Dogma of Mariology Essay

pontiff gutter capital of Minnesota II and the Dogma of Mariology - Essay ExampleSince in the times of the early Catholic Church, perform fathers have endorsed bloody shames elevated status as mother of God. Standing as a paragon of femininity and motherhood, bloody shame represents purity, compassion, female perfection and even salvation. The Catholic movement also forwards scripture for its Marian adoration. The Catholic Church has endowed on Mary supreme regard, remaininga fundamental and distinctive doctrine. With titles such as Madonna, Mother of God, Mediatrix, co-Redemprix, Lady of Guadalupe, virtuous of Virgins, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Sorrows, Star of the Sea, smiling Virgin, Blessed Mother, Holy Virgin, reverence Mary, Immaculata, Our Lady and the Seat of Wisdom, Mary is distinguished as a deified woman2.These references all excuse dimensions of Marys personality and her function.Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ, the Son of God as a virgin and remained undefiled a nd holy throughout her life. Her sinless existence entitles her to heaven where she stands as Mediatrix, the way to God for man. Through Mary, the fan has access to all the graces of God, just as the maternal love expressed towards her children grants them great benefits. She is not completely conceives Christ, but she ministers along with Christ in the plan of redemption, thus she is accoladed as co-Redemptrix. From the onset of his pontificate, on 17 October, 1978, Pope fanny Paul II makes clear his unswerving allegiance to his Marian faith. In his initiativeUrbi et Orbimessage at the Sistine Chapel, he sermonizes on the necessity to turn our mind with filial devotion to the Virgin Mary who always lives and acts as a Mother in the mystery of Christ and repeat the wrangling Totus tuus (all thine) which we inscribed in our heart3. This papal exhortation is derived from a deep sense of Mariological fervor in which he desires congregants to abide and always pay faithful and sincer e homage to Mary. Two weeks later on Oct. 29, 1978 Pope John Paul II conducts his very first pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Mentorella where he proclaims, I wanted to come here, among these mountains, to sing the Magnificat in Marys footsteps4.She remains Pope John Paul IIs paragon of blessed and divine motherhood, exemplifying her pilgrim fidelity. Pope John Paul II shows deep and reverential sincerity in his devotion to Mary, even naming her the second even in anther of his pilgrimages.5 Heading the documentary evidence of Pope John Pauls espousal of Mariology as key in Catholic doctrine is his encyclical named, Redemptoris Materof the Supreme Pontiff on the Blessed Virgin Maryin the Life of the Pilgrim Church(1988). In no uncertain terms, Pope John Paul II outlines over 50 points enumerating the reasons for and benefits of Mariology. Divided into three sections Mary in the mystery of Christ, the Mother of God at the Center of the Pilgrim Church and Materna l Mediation, Pope John Paul II in his encyclical, expounds using biblical evidence, drawing on the authority of the Vatican Council, church fathers such as Saint Augustine, Saint Origen, Saint Ambrose, Saint John Chrysostom and the constitution of the Church to uphold Mariology as in effect. Topics such as the Blessedness of Mary, the divine, inscrutable union of Mother and Son, the union of Mother and the Holy Spirit and Marys Advocacy for Mankind are key. The encyclical commences with the poignant words the Mother of the Redeemer has

Dance Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Dance - Research Paper ExampleThe Egyptians danced ceremoniously as a faithfulness by the pharaoh while in Hindus believed dancing to be sacred, as they believed the creator a dancer who danced by seasons.In the ancient judgment of convictions, dancing was a form of worship for the early Christians. Most communities around the military personnel danced in their own methods to show the mood that was in the atmosphere at the time. Dance evolves over time not only in the old days but even presently. Dancing varies with the type of melody one is dancing to romantic music tends to be dimmed and therefore should have a slow dance in order for the song to synchronize with the moves. I, however, prefer hip-hop dancing style, which involves popping, breaking and locking. It came into existence in the 1970s with American crews popularizing it. The African-Americans have hip-hop as a culture and the dance has been a major identifier of the hip-hop culture.This from of dance has continual ly gained popularity all around the world due to the many shows commercializing it. In the eightys the show soul train premiered the hip-hop shows with many topnotch dancers participating. This trend has been continually pulling a crowd with and the films starring hip-hop dance styles including step-up revolution, which premiered in 2012. knock is a street dance and after its development, it had to have choreography in order to attract professionalism. This take to the birth of jazz music. Jazz has a cool dancing style, which is a cooler more relaxed strain of the hip-hop street dance.The main distinguishing feature of hip-hop is that it depends mostly on improvisation from activities in the insouciant life. This dancing style started competitions between various hip-hop crews that known as dance battles. This dance is a way of entertainment for those who participate while to others it is a mode of livelihood and supporting themselves financially.Hip-hop involves threesome majo r styles the first is breaking

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Business Etiquette Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Business Etiquette - strain ExampleResearch evidence demonstrates that corporations are increasingly establishing joint ventures, building strategic alliances, and establishing direct investments. booming and effective communication in an international backing environment is necessary for business growth as Reynolds and Valentine (2011) kick in determined.( Lok & Crawford, 2004)Due to the sphericisation of business it has render exceedingly important to have an exemplary plunder and inter heathenish communication so as to gain competitive advantage. In current years, scholarly debates have been instruction on globalization of the economy and the diverse workforce that emphasises on appropriate business etiquette that leads to sustainable business relations across international business. Cook and Cook (2011) place premium manners of managers in usual and professional while undertaking official duties. Other studies have highlighted that small business and upcoming entrepreneu rs have started to invest heavily and competing in the international market. Recent developments show that many businesses are cultivating a global focus by sourcing, producing, importing, or exporting their goods and services around the globe, which makes intercultural communication and negotiation gain significant prominence in the international business management. Further, international business etiquette (the expected rules of behaviour for intercultural communication and management) has become increasingly important because of the mobility of people. Due to the different systems in politics and economy of the man, and the different history and cultural tradition. Sebenius (2002) points out that cultural difference can influence business negotiations in significant and unexpected ways. dialogue is an important part of developing business in any market. (Xiaohua et al., 2003).The increasing globalization in the world and the increased mobility of people settling in foreign

Bill of Rights 2nd Amendment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Bill of Rights 2nd Amendment - Essay Example1). Arms in this case include any kind of fire armor (handguns, rifles, and shotgun among others). The cooperate Amendment, as intended by the design fathers, gives individuals the constitutional right to bear arms although the plead reserves the mandate to regulate their ownership and use. This writing will analyze the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States in light of its register and controversial nature.Although the Second Amendment was ratified in December 1791, it was passed by Congress on September 25, 1789 (National Constitution Center par. 1). The history of the Second Amendment to the American Constitution traces its roots to the English law which held that people have natural rights to take for themselves against aggression. Before the American Revolution English Settlers in America held the view that the right to bear arms or state militia was important for several reasons. Some of the reasons that that they assigned to bearing arms include to repel invasion to facilitate self-defense for law enforcement to suppress insurrection to prevent tyrannical presidency and to enable the organization of a militia system (Adams 47). This was indeed the case in the different states that straightaway make up the United States as evidenced by their individual constitutions. For example, the Constitution of Pennsylvania expressly stated that the people have a right to arms for which they can use to defend the state or themselves.Before the American Revolution took place, colonists who pledged their allegiance to the British government bore arms, forming a colonial militia (Adams 82). However, with the passage of time some colonists developed mistrust for the British government and by extension, distrust toward those who were loyal to it. The colonists who favored independence from British rule established colonial legislatures that were free of the take of the British government. They used th ese

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Persuasive speech about why iIllegal immigrants should not be given or Presentation

Persuasive slightly why iIllegal immigrants should not be given free health care - Speech or unveiling ExampleAlso an unauthorized migrant might be one who violates the set terms of a legal entry. In 2008 it was estimated that the population of illegal immigrants in the US was approximately 11 zillion, which was said to be a drop from 12.5 million recorded in 2007 (Bogen 12). Bogen further points out that Mexican immigrant take the highest region (56%) out the occur immigrants population. Studies reveal that majority of the current immigrant are well educated, many of them having at least(prenominal) a college degree. However, in general, the US population is better educated than that of the immigrants. Since 1990s, legal migrants continued to be outpaced in number by the illegal immigrants who are increasingly occupying various areas around the country. Most of the families in the US estimated to be 13.9 million individuals have at least one spouse, who is an illegal immigrant and most of them settle in areas characterized by large immigrants population (Beasley 32). He observes that unauthorized contemporary migrants comprise of about 44% of the total population of us. Majority of them settle in Florida, Texas, California, New Jersey, Illinois and Pennsylvania with California harboring the highest population of approximately 2.93 million illegal migrants.

2 response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

2 response - Essay ExampleThe essay also conveys the pretty message that one should love oneself in the very natural manner that one is born with and should non listen or act according to what others nourish to say about them. It also emphasizes on the concomitant that it is the values that are found within a girl that makes her more beautiful rather than the nonfunctional covered face. There is no point in hurting oneself at the behest of others who are always throw to point out only the bad parts of something and not the good ones.2. The author needs to observe up with either any textual help from an essay or a personal fiction to prove her allegations regarding the singer Shakira. It was just her opinion that she has presumption in the essay about the singer and in that respect is no valid proof to prove the fact that she has incorporated in her work about the singer. wear provocative clothing and moving her hips are just personal comments that the author has given to t he singer. The author should have provided certain proved facts or the views of some other writers to discuss her views. By providing her view points only, the author has given rise to a weak point in the essay which may be criticized by others who demand it.3. The weakest part that the essay contains is that it bases its deductions and relies its studies on flimsy poetry and imaginative ideas. It compares the very practical aspects in honesty to the imaginative concepts of poetries and stories. Moreover it takes into account the very tiny age of girls which is not the correct thing to be done. The magazines and the books that the author talks about are for women. The age group of children that the author talks about is not this rather that of small girls who are not at all connected with the magazine part. Thus at that place is no viscidity in the writing. There could have been stronger points in the essay if it would have the proper coherence required and if it could provide t he readers with more clarity about the

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Rhetorical Analysis of Hurricane Essay Example for Free

Rhetorical issueline of Hurricane EssayMartin Luther King once said, There comes a time when whizz must take a position that is neither safe, popular, or political, entirely because it is right. The song Hurricane, written by Bob Dylan takes a lose and ignores what was safe, popular, and politic ally right during the 1960s and 1970s, in order to paint a picture of in salutaryice. Dylan organizes the actual events of a man named Rubin Hurricane Carter who was a middle system of weights boxer wrongfully accused and convicted of a double homicide. Dylan narrates the song and uses his credibility as a rock star to reason with a broader listening, speckle evoking the emotions of listeners by describing horrific events, prejudice, and coercion by fraudulent get winds of authority that developed false allegations. As a result the man (Hurricane) authorities came to satanic was convicted and put in prison house for 20 years but as Dylan says in his song, Hurricane could have be en the genius of the world, referring to Hurricane, who was a well known sports figure for his boxing talent.The song is withal narrated in such(prenominal) a way that Dylan tries to convey a message that will not only cause a small analysis of the unjustness by his fan base but also by the ordinary public. The fit of the song takes place in Patterson, New Jersey, which is a line written in the song that reads, and they convey on the scene with their red lights flashing in the hot New Jersey night. In the starting compose of the song Dylan try ons to hook listeners with the words, pistol shots ring out in the barroom night. and after describing a bartender beating in a pool of blood he then moves on to reiterate a secondary character named Patty Valentine as saying, My god theyve killed them all describing the three men that lay slain in the barroom.The next two sentences tells audience what Dylan is going to do in which he says, hither comes the story of the Hurricane, the man authorities came to blame for well-nighthin he never done. Put in a prison cadre, but one time he could-a been the brainiac of the world. The first verse grabs the emotions of listeners by creating fear while imagining the sound of gun shots, a woman screaming, and a man laying dead in a pool of blood. While the second to last sentence of the first verse, gives an identity to the main character Hurricane, which is an attempt to stimulate an audience to imagine a man who is like a hurricane. The first time earshot to the song, one might envision a man who was very tall, muscular, and who could rip doors of their hinges, and could pick up Volkswagens and throw off them the length of a football field.In reality Hurricane is only five foot, eight inches and weighs one gondola cardinal and seventy pounds. However, Dylan does a fantastic job pulling his listeners in while introducing the main character and interruption events that would build on one an different until an a pex of the song is reached. Dylan not only exhibits credibility because of his fame but most importantly his song writing ability. Two of his previous songs Blowin in the wind and The Times ar a Changin were anthems used during the U. S. Civil Rights and anti-war movements of the 1960s.Dylans way with words was once more what enabled him to tell of Hurricanes wondrous injustice, while hoping the lyrics to the song would invoke his audience to work to prevent and end similar injustices from happening in the future. Throughout the song Dylan makes suggestions of racial prejudice and coercion by the Patterson, New Jersey police, the District lawyer (D. A. ), and the judge who oer saw the proceedings. For example he writes, Number one contender for the middle weight crown had no radical the shit was about to go down when a cop pulled him over to the side of the road just like the time before and the time before that.In Patterson that just the way things go. If youre black you might a s well not show up on the street. Less you wanna bond the heat. The heat Dylan is referring to was the ongoing harassment of African Americans by the Patterson police. afterwards in verse nine Dylan writes, All of Rubins cards were marked in advance the trial was a pig-circus, he never had a chance. The judge made Rubins witnesses drunkards from the slums. To the white folks who watched he was a ultra bum and to the black folks he was just a crazy nigger. No one doubted that he pulled the trigger.And though they could not produce the gun, the D. A. said he was the one who did the deed and the all-white jury agreed. In this verse Dylan is making a point that not only were the Patterson police trying to make an example out of Hurricane but also the D. A. and the overseeing judge. Keep in mind that during 1966 the United States was in the midst of a historic transition as just two years earlier President Lyndon B. Johnson had signed the Civil Rights feat outlawing all forms of di scrimination against African Americans and women, including racial segregation.The act created serious tension among whites and blacks as a bulk of whites refused to accept the change and the blacks were large-minded to fight back against those who refused. In the end the tension provoked umpteen hostile riots and fights to breakout all over the U. S. The year 1966 also marked the start of the Black big businessman movement, which was maintained until the 1970s. The movement brought together black collective interest that consisted of racial pride, political goals, establishment of other social institutions, and most importantly a continued defense against racial oppression.Given the historical condition one could attest that Dylans speculation of lingering racism could very much be straight and at that time was very much a unrecorded. Throughout the song Dylan continually uses words and fraises that evoke the beliefs and set of those not only of the 60s and 70s but also of to days generation. Dylan incessantly draws attention to the callous environment that was created and controlled by the Patterson police. The Police and the District Attorney needed someone to arrest for the barroom murders and the person that fit the description was Hurricane.In verse four Dylan introduces two to a greater extent characters named Alfred Bello and Arthur Dexter Bradley. By doing this Dylan keeps the attention of his audience as he writes, Alfred Bello had a partner and he had a rap for the cops. Him and Arthur Dexter Bradley were just prowlin around he said. Dylan is telling the story as though Bello was communicate to the police in regards to why he and his partner were at the crime scene. Dylan goes on to quote Bello again having said, I saw two men runnin out and they looked like middle weights (boxers) they jumped into a white car with out-of-state-plates.Dylan uses the above sentence to further suggest that the real criminals, Bello and Bradley pinned the blame on Hurricane and his friend and hinted to the cops in such a way that directed them to accuse and arrest a well known public figure that happened to be a middle weight boxer. Dylan is again trying to send a message to his audience that Hurricane was falsely accused. After the police arrested Hurricane and took him to the hospital to be identified by a wounded dupe looking through his one dyin eye, the man says, Whad you bring him in here for? He aint the guy Dylan continues to splice events together working toward his final message as he narrates the coercion of Bello and Bradley by the Patterson police.When four months later the two are reminded of the murder and reminded of the getaway car and are asked, You think youd like to period of play ball with the law? Think it might-a been that fighter that you saw runnin that night? Dont forget your white. Dylan moves on as he writes, Rubin Carter was falsely tried. The crime was murder one, guess who testified? Bello and Bradley an d they both baldly lied and the newspapers, they all went along for the ride.How can the life of such a man be in the palm of some marks hand? To see him obviously framed couldnt help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land where justice is a game. Verse ten lets you know up lie that Hurricanes conviction was wrong. The next sentence continues to work on the audiences emotions as Dylan words secern his anger and disgust and that its no surprise that Bello and Bradley testified. In the following line, Dylan is alluding to the Patterson county judge as the fool with Hurricanes life in the palm of his hand.In the last sentence, Dylans words are this instant aimed at the American justice system trade it a game, which tells the audience you should be ashamed too. In the final verse Dylan hits listeners with a combination of three punches as he ends with his experienced opinion, beliefs, and desires. He writes, at once all the criminals in their coats and their ties are free to d rink martinis and watch the sun rise, while Rubin sits like Buddha in a ten-foot cell an innocent man in a living conflagration. Thats the story of the Hurricane, but it custom be over till they invite his name and give him back the time hes done.Put in a prison cell, but one time he could-a been the champion of the world. It is obvious that Bello and Bradley are the criminals free to drink martinis and know how to play the justice system game. Rubin sits like Buddha in a ten-foot cell is to influence the audiences emotions visualizing a man sitting in his own personal hell like a statue that can do nothing but wait. Dylan lets the audience know he has sinless the narrative by saying, Thats the story of Hurricane. The statement, But it wont be over till they clear his name and give him back the time hes done.Put him in a prison cell, but one time he could-a been the champion of the world. is telling the audience that they need to stand up and demand that the injustice of a in nocent man be cleared and compensated for the time he has spent in prison. The ending chorus reminds the audience that the wrongful conviction not only took twenty years from a mans life but also his chance at greatness. Before the song starts, Dylans reputation precedes him as a bond and a trust had already been established with his audience and those of the general public who knew of him.Although the song is not a part of our current pop culture, Dylan attempts to use his credibility to draw attention back to the racial discrimination and prejudice that was still looming the country after the Civil Rights portrayal of 1964 had been implemented. From the beginning of the song to the end, Dylan tries to send a message to evoke the values and beliefs of his fans and the general public calling out to them to stand together against what was safe, popular, and politically right and to not only advocate for Rubin Hurricane Carter but also demand the justice system prevent further unlawf ul injustice from happening in the future.By narrating, Dylan uses he words and phrases to invoke the emotions and hearts of his audience by describing the pain, loss, and anger, that Hurricane felt and the disgust that Dylan, himself felt in relation to the active events in the story and those who are a part of the justice system. The last idea that Dylan leaves his audience with is Hurricane was, put in a prison cell, but one time he could-a been the champion of the world. if it wasnt for his wrongful incarceration.

Associate Degree in Nursing Essay Example for Free

link up Degree in Nursing EssayHealthc atomic number 18 systems and the way safe, quality health billing is delivered are continually changing to damp serve longanimouss and communities. Professional nursing practice is a large region in the healthcare system today. Back in the 1960s, professional nursing leaders tried to squeeze the bachelor degree programs as the only gentilityal track to become a registered suck in (Creasia Friberg, 2011). out-of-pocket to nursing short climb ons and demands this motive did not hold fast. Individuals entering the nursing profession today must first base decide which program lineal pathway to take to become a Registered Nurse (RN). Although there are studies that argue binds with a higher train of education have get around overall outcomes, there still dwell different educational pathways one can take to become a registered nurse. The two nearly popular educational programs today are the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) an d the Bachelor of scholarship in Nursing (BSN). Both programs prepare students to sit for the states NCLEX exam and obtain a registered nurse license. Each educational pathway poses different advantages and disadvantages.The associate level degree can be obtained in two to three years and offered through community colleges and adept schools. Because the length of the program is shorter than the BSN program, this can be viewed as an advantage, saving both time and money. ADN nurses are typically educated to be direct care providers, normally employed by hospitals and long term care facilities. The course of study includes general education and clinical nursing classes (Creasia Friberg, 2011). Technical skills are emphasized in the ADN programs, leaving little time for little thinking skills.According to the American Association of College of Nursing (AACN), ADN nurses are better suited to work at the bedside in less complicated plans of care (Baccalaureate Degree, 2000). The asso ciate degree nurse does possess good technical skills. The bachelor level degree can be obtained in four years by attendance a college or university. Obviously, the BSN program leave behind take more time and money over the ADN program. Although most colleges and universities offer traditional four year nursing programs, some offer accelerated programs.It will usually cost the same, however you are able to enter the nursing profession sooner. Unlike the ADN program, the BSN nurse is better watchful to practice in all health care settings critical care, outpatient, public health, and mental health (Baccalaureate Degree, 2000, para. 8). In addition to the content taught in ADN programs, the humanistic BSN education encompasses more of the physical and social sciences (Impact of Education, 2011). The BSN nurse is better prepared to work more independently, therefore is well qualified to practice in healthcare systems outside of the hospital.Bachelor programs prepare professional nu rse generalists for acute care settings, community-based practice, and beginning leadership /charge scenes (Creasia Friberg, 2011, p. 32). This course of study is crucial to the delivery of good, safe, quality patient care. There have been several search studies completed to see if there is a correlation between higher RN education level and better patient outcomes. Several studies concluded there is decrease in mortality rates in spite of appearance hospitals that employee a greater percentage of bachelor prepared nurses (Creating a More, 2011).There are several patient care situations within hospitals in which a BSN nurse would be better qualified to create and eff a patients plan of care. Suppose a 28 year old American Indian female was admitted for preterm labor at 32 works gestation with a history of non-compliant diabetes since age 15. Both the ADN and BSN nurse could clinically perform a thorough assessment of the patient, monitor fetal specification and uterine activit y, and administer medications.This patient postulate more than just acute clinical care she needs education and resources on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for her and for the child she will soon be raising. A BSN practitioner has extensive training in cultural, social, and economic areas and would be a much better provider of care than the ADN nurse. Both ADN and BSN nurses will usually start at the same salary in the hospital or long term care facility, the ADN nurse will be limited to life story advancements and opportunities.Charge nurse positions may be available in some organizations however any position of higher level will almost always require an advanced education. Years of experience will sometimes be of relevance for a higher level position, but ultimately, these positions go to individuals who hold a bachelors and/or masters degree. As healthcare settings and delivery of care change, more nursing positions require the Bachelors of Science degree to be hired (Bacc alaureate Degree, 2000). Overall, studies and research have proven the BSN nurse to be better prepared professionally for the ever changing healthcare systems of our world today and tomorrow.There have been great strides by nursing leaders and organizations around the nation to increase the number of bachelor degree nurses from 50% to 80% by the year 2020 (Employment of New Nurse, 2011). Even though deciding which educational pathway to take straight is still up to the individual, research points to the BSN program. Choosing the BSN educational pathway over the ADN not only provides a broader spectrum of education to better serve patients and communities, but also opens many doors of opportunity for growth and advancement.

The Idea of the American Dream Essay Example for Free

The root word of the Ameri prat Dream EssayWhat is the American Dream? Is it even attainable for the average citizen? Every wizard has their own opinions on how they view the American woolgather. It can be variant for al about every superstar when you take into consideration their gender, age, dry landality, and the transition of this estimate between each generation. Can we obtain this dream by having a big house, luxury items, a non dysfunctional family, and the perfect job one would never complain about? Or is it simply what our nation is told by authorities such as p arnt figures and the media?Most quite a dwarfish would consider this fantasy as the perfect life which, most comprehend as going to college, getting a good job, qualification a family, and having much coin than needed. This persuasion of the so called perfect life is thought of as the common dream for Americans. This dream is thought of as the pursuit of bliss, just this intellection is no longer a selfless conclusion. Instead, the pursuit of rapture has transitioned into a self-serving fantasy for most Americans.This transition of the American dream has caused most people in this nation to lose focus on what is really important in our lives and brainwashed us to believe the allusion that possessing material items leave behind bring us happiness. Many immigrants who reside in America produce the idea that the American dream is escaping p everyplacety and simply living a break off life, while other immigrants and main stream American gild view America as a place of hazard to become much prospered financially.The idea of the American dream and the pursuit of happiness whitethorn be universal for mature Americans, but only different for other types of people jibe to their age, gender, nationality, and historic generation. People who were the supporters of their families over 50 years ago had only one idea of happiness, and that idea was a goal to light upon sure t heir was food on the table and a roof over their heads. That simple dream no longer exists in the majority of America. Now the type of happiness is different between age and gender. People of different ages have different desires.As people get cured their needs argon not as materialistic to a degree, but much(prenominal) focused on what makes them comfortable. When they mature they realize that materialistic items atomic number 18 a waste of bills and focus more on how they should spend their money more wisely on things that could actually benefit their needs such as health care. Their happiness comes from feeling secure and comfortable. Although a child may not realize what the American dream is, they live it. They focus on what unused toys they are going to get whereas adults focus more on their career.Men and women also view the American dream differently. For many men its more about ego, having the macho picture show, and driving the hot car. Men want to have a certain i mage that every other man would desire to have. . On the other hand, many women who have children are more focused on how they look as a bugger off. They want to be seen as the perfect mother with the smartest and most talented children. Aside from those ideas of the pursuit of happiness, people from different countries have the most legitimate idea of the American dream.The idea of the pursuit of happiness is an altered dream for those of different ethnicities and those who are born in America. Michael Schudson states that, immigrants have an American dream knowing hardly anything of the USexcept that they will find luck there, abundance and a chance to share in it (1). They view the American dream as an chance to enhance their style of living, become a free independent person, and have equal opportunities. It allows them the opportunity to strain more prosperity than they could in their countries of origin.Whereas, those who are born in America have a completely different under standing of what the American dream is. This dream to American society is do money so we can deal things that we think will make us happy. A clear example of this difference in comprehension of the American dream is provided by Raymund A. Paredes. He explains that, Mexico has always been a poor and develop land where the evolution of a national myth of abundance and well-being would be unthinkable.On both(prenominal) sides of the border, writers of Mexican blood have dreamed not of wealth but only of relief from low-spirited poverty (Paredes 71). To him and people of his culture, the true America dream is not in being able to buy unnecessary gadgets, but what really brings them happiness is to simply live a more comfortable and worry-free life. Parents are teaching their children a false sense of happiness by telling them they need money so they can have whatever they want in life. Many parents view America as the opportunity for their children to group up with an education and career opportunities.They will dedicate their lives to make sure their children will have a better childhood than they did themselves. In most cases they will also push their children to go to college so their children will be successful and have the money to buy the luxury items they are unable to afford. Education, for the most part, determines a persons job opportunities and level of income. It has become an understanding that without an education the idea of the American Dream seems to be out of reach. Education has become one of the central institutions in making the American Dream a reality.In the essay What is Happiness? a valid point is proven when the author John Ciardi explains that We are taught that to possess is to be happy, and then we are made to want (Ciardi 293). The true meaning of being successful is to be able to support a family and not worry about making ends meet with the succeeding(prenominal) pay check. This is a noble goal indeed, but the fact of the mat ter is that, subconsciously or not, people want money to buy whatever they want which they believe will bring them happiness.The sole mind for most people to get a college education is to make a lot of money when they hand their degree in a desired discipline. Is happiness really the result of having a lot of money? Ultimately, the American dream has to be achieved from ones own personal motivations. Others motivations may create a false layer of make-up to another, but in reality no one elses motivations can take the place of a persons own. Motivations can be brought upon by a variety of different sources such as parents, background, and the medias bech develop on American society.For example, children of Korean immigrants perceive their parents of what these immigrants do not say and of what their children leave out and simply refer to as a typical Korean thing to do or a characteristic of typical Korean parents, assuming that the knowledge is so common that there is no need t o explain it. I came to the conclusion that, in common with American mainstream society and many other immigrant minorities who share the American Dream, Korean immigrants consider money and prestige the criteria for success.However, it is when one understands that, for Korean-American immigrant parents, prestige is synonymous with the academic achievement of their children (Kim 228). As a child of a Korean-American parent I can relate to this passage. Korean parents are known to push their children to do better than the average school-age child which is an example of the typical Korean parents. Korean parents motivate their children to exceed excellence because of the opportunity they were unable to pay off as children in Korea.With the unlimited opportunities available in America, Korean parents feel as though their children will be much happier by making more money than they know what to do with. The idea of how money and prestige is the main criteria for success applies to bo th main stream American society and Korean immigrants. This idea, for Korean immigrants, is enforced by their parents whereas for main stream American society is influenced by the media. The media has a huge influence on the way society views the American dream. advertising is everywhere, and at home its only an arms reach away with the remote for the television, mouse to the internet, and magazines. How did obtaining luxury items become the American dream? wherefore does society feel so compelled to abide by it? Advertising has a very powerful way of persuading the earthly c one timern so powerful that the American public has been convinced by advertising to desire these luxury items. Advertising persuades society so significantly to the point that it can alter our perception of what is truly important in life.It Alters our minds to the point that they feel that the American dream is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. For example, society buys luxury items because they feel as though they need nice things to make them happy. Through advertising, the media influences society so effectively that we no longer view the American dream as something to achieve but something we can buy. We continually see pictures of homes, cars, families, and luxury items everywhere on T. V, magazines, and billboards.It is impossible to escape these advertisements in America and these ads make sure of that. The more society is bombarded with these advertisements, the more they are persuaded toward obtaining materialistic things which they believe will bring them happiness. bullion is needed to have these luxury items, but does more money bring us more happiness? Today everyone has a goal to become more successful than they already are. We feel as though with more money so we can buy luxury items that we can use for our enjoyment, thus making us happier.Although we feel as though money will bring us happiness, research has been through with(p) to disprove this idea. Nickerson, Schwarz, Diener, and Kahneman argue that, The present longitudinal study examining the relation between the goal for financial success, development of that goal, and satisfaction with various life domains found that the negative impact of the goal for financial success on overall life satisfaction diminished as household income change magnitude (531).The goal for success has increased and most people would agree that a little more money would make them a little happier. The fact of the matter is that, since around the 1950s the average Americans income has more than doubled and with double the income comes twice as many cars and accessories that not everyone used to have in the 1950s, such as, dishwashers, clothes dryers, and subscriber line conditioning (Myers). Today, according to statistics, we have a little more money then we used to but are we happy?Since 1957, the number of Americans who say they are very happy has declined from 35 to 32 percent. Meanwhile, the break up rate has doubled, the teen suicide rate has nearly tripled, the violent crime rate has nearly quadrupled (even by and by the recent decline), and more people than ever (especially teens and young adults) are depressed (Myers). The American dream has changed over the years and statistics show that money is not the answer to our happiness. The answer is simplicity in life and family.The American dream is completely different now than it was over 50 years ago. Now, materialistic things are ceaselessly being shoved in our face through the media, so we feel as though we need them in order to be happy. Over 50 years ago if a family had food on the table, a roof over their heads, and a car they were happy and thought to be living the American dream. As the years passed the American dream has become less meaningful. In the poem Richard Cory, Edwin A. Robinson tells a story of a man who had everything he could possibly want in the world.And he was rich-yes, richer than a kind- and Richard Cory, on calm summer night went home and put a bullet through his head. This is a perfect example of how wealthiness dont bring people true happiness. Today people are only interest in how many possessions they obtain. In reality these possessions only bring us temporary satisfaction. Once the new version of a certain gadget or car comes out we instantly want it, and we are no longer happy with what we have. It seems as though no one is happy with what they have and once they fulfill one desire they create ten more desires.The American dream today is inefficient and the meaning has been altered into false image of happiness. The American dream is no longer a family fulfilling goal in most cases. For Mexican immigrants it is an escape from poverty, but the majority of us have been lead astray from the pursuit of happiness. Whether we are a child, adult, senior, male, or female, many Americans have a false understanding of how to pursue true happiness. Happiness doesnt come fro m more money or more materialistic possessions.These possessions may only give use temporary satisfaction, but when a new gadget comes out we are no longer happy because the item we obtain is out of date. Through advertising, the media will keep creating more luxury items so society will continuously feel as if they need the newest thing. This only leads to unhappiness and our self-centered nation needs a reality check to understand what is truly important in life simplicity and family. Work Cited Ciardi, John. What is Happiness? Wryick and Slaughter 291-293. Kim, Eun-Young.Career Choice Among Second-Generation Korean-Americans Reflections of a Cultural model of Success. Anthropology Education Quarterly 24. 3 (1993) 224-248. JSTOR. CSUS Library, Sacramento. 14 Apr. 2008. Keyword American Dream. Myers, David G. Wealth, Well-Being, and the New American Dream. New American Dream. 2000. Yale University Press. 14 Apr. 2008 . Nickerson, Carol, Norbert Schwarz, Ed Diener, and Daniel Kahneman. Zeroing in on the Dark Side of the American Dream a Closer wait At the Negative Consequences of the Goal for Financial Success. Psychological Science 14. 6 (2003) 531-536. 13 Apr. 2008 . Paredes, Raymund A. Mexican American Authors and the American Dream. Melus 8. 4 (1981) 71-80. JSTOR. CSUS Library, Sacramento. 14 Apr. 2008. Keyword American Dream. Robinson, Edwin A. Richard Cory. Wyrick and Slaughter 385-386. Schudson, Michael. American Dreams. American Literary History 12 (2004) 1-2. Project Muse. CSUS Library, Sacramento. 13 Apr. 2008. Keyword American Dream. Wyrick, Jean, and Slaughter, Beverly J. , 3rd ed. The Rinehart Reader. Boston Thomson Learning, 1999